DocuSign May 2019 Update

Released on April 19, 2019

Released on April 19th, 2019

New and Updated Features


Organization Administration API is now available

Use the new Organization Administration API to easily manage all your DocuSign accounts and users with a REST API. The Organization Administration API enables you to automate user management with your existing systems, while ensuring governance and compliance. You must have Organization Administration enabled on your enterprise account to use this API in production, but it is available in the Sandbox (demo) environment. For more information, visit

Bug Fixes

Sending and Templates

  • Added ability for Senders who are also the Notary, to correct eNotary envelopes that have been sent for Notarization.. (MAR-29083)
  • We fixed an issue where attempting to print any screen in the DocuSign web application resulted in a blank page. (MAR-29020)
  • When using a template, if the recipient field have been set to "Restrict changes", the Text fields are not wrapping the text anymore even though the height of the field would allow it. We are now fixing it to allow the text wrapping. (MAR-28990)
  • Selecting print of the History of an envelope: a blank page is inserted as the first page, the format is changed to landscape, and the page numbers are incorrect. Print button on the History window should present a result whose format better matches the history we display in-app, and/or the option for portrait/landscape view should be offered. (MAR-28823)
  • When using Bulk Send V2, if Template contains custom data label "Email" for a text field - no error is generated when uploading bulk list and it appears bulk envelopes are being prepared and will successfully send, as per message displayed after clicking Send. However, no Envelopes were sent and the customer is not aware unless checks for successful sends. We have fixed this issue and now this Text Field with Data Label "Email" can be included. (MAR-28484)

Coming Soon

Sending and Templates

Fonts Persist in the Add Fields View

When a user selects a font in the Add Fields view; that font is for any following tags the user includes in the document.

This persistence is only valid for the current session. After the envelope is sent or the user goes back to the prepared page, the following envelope uses the default font that is set in Admin (see Admins Can Set Default Font for the Account )

We will always use the last font selected in each session with all formatting elements included (font, size, bold, italic, underlined, and color).

Admins Can Set Default Font for the Account

Admins can now set a default font for the account that includes font, size, and color for the fields in the Add Fields view.

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