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DocuSign March 2019 Update

Released on February 15th, 2019

New and Updated Features


Organization Admin - Bulk Close Users

Organization Admins can now close users in bulk across all accounts in their organization using a single csv.

Connect Configuration Changes in Audit Logs

Changes to Connect configurations are now captured in the audit logs.

Custom Password Setting

Sending and Templates

Encourage Users to Download Mobile App

For users who want to send an envelope from the Mobile Web, DocuSign will show a message encouraging them to download the Mobile App, which has a better user experience.

  • If they click Close,  the dialog box will close, but they will remain where they were: o If they were sending an envelope, they will remain on the home page
  • If they were correcting an envelope, they will remain on either the Manage page or the Doc Details page.
  • If they click the App Store icon, they will be taken to the App Store with the link to DocuSign app.
  • If they click Continue on Web, they will be directed to the Prepare page.

This is scheduled to release March 6, 2019.

Screen reader support enabled.

Template-level Advanced Options

DocuSign is adding a template-level setting in the Advanced Options for templates that allow the template creator to do one of the following:

  • Enforce Quick Send
  • Disable Quick Send for that template (redirects user to Advanced Edit)
  • Allow Advanced Edit or Quick Send (this is the current default option) The setting is scheduled to release March 6, 2019.

Cloud Storage Apps Renamed

Cloud Storage Apps under My Preferences has been renamed Document Sources to better describe the purpose of these settings.

Redesigned PowerForms Landing Page Rolling Out for Existing PowerForms

DocuSign has redesigned the PowerForms landing page to adopt the New DocuSign Experience style. The new PowerForm landing page is also responsive for mobile devices.

Previously, this feature was only available for new PowerForms, but it is starting to roll it out for existing PowerForms as follows (subject to any unforeseen issues):

  • 10% February 15, 2019 (February 19, 2019, if the release is delayed)
  • 25% March 6, 2019
  • 50% March 20, 2019
  • 100% April 3, 2019


Set Purge Days Value

The purge days value associated with an account level documentation retention policy can now be set to a value greater than 999, but must be less than 9999.


Scheduled Single Sign-On Certificate Replacement

DocuSign will be doing a scheduled Single Sign-On certificate replacement and simultaneously changing our certificate authority for SAML AuthN requests in our Demo/NA1/NA2/NA3/EU/CA/AU environments. As a result, the certificate will be updated as follows.

The new certificate will be live :

  • Demo: February 16th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST)
  • Production (NA1/NA2/NA3/EU/AU/CA): February 25th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST) The current certificate will expire:
  • Demo: March 25th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST)
  • Production (NA1/NA2/NA3/EU/AU/CA): April 11th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST)

Some Identity Providers (IdP) will use this certificate to verify DocuSign’s authentication request in SAML. If so, this certificate might be used by the IdP to encrypt the SAML response to DocuSign. Please review your IdP and replace this certificate as needed. Failing to update this certificate could mean that your IdP may not allow a user to log into DocuSign after the dates stated above. This change affects both SSO V1 and V2 customers.

Bug Fixes

Sending and Templates

  • When applying multiple templates to a document, it appeared that the user would be able to specify the start page for each template, but they were unable to do so. To avoid confusion, when a template has been applied, the Start Page value will remain blank, instead of showing the number picker.

The only way to update a start page will be to remove the template and reapply it on the correct page.

This is scheduled to release March 6, 2019 (MAR-27002).

  • Some customer changes to the background color for the Sending Brand were not being honored. This has been fixed (MAR-27170).
  • When updating the character limit in a field, the new value did not save if the user clicked to another field. We have added a validation rule to prevent users from sending if the text field is too long (MAR-28143).
  • The in-person signing process will prompt hosts to enter their passwords to complete the process to log back in before opening the envelope list (MAR-28506).
  • DocuSign has updated the Mobile Web navigation to make it consistent with the desktop navigation (MAR-28605).
  • Some users encountered a problem where deleting documents before they were sent was not actually deleting all the documents marked for deletion (MAR-28687).
  • When using a template, if the recipient fields were set to "Restrict changes", the Text fields were not wrapping the text, even though the height of the field would allow it (MAR-28990).
  • When attempting to copy a template with an asterisk in template name, the user received an error instead of a copy of the template. This is now fixed (TT-2069).


When a user selects specific documents to download, by default only those documents will be included, not all associated documents (e.g., Certificate of Completion, Supplemental Documents, etc.) as was the case before this fix (DCMT-1830).

Coming Soon

Bug Fixes

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug.

  • The Print button on the History window does not present a result whose format better matches the history displayed in-app. The format will be matched or the user wil be given the option for portrait/landscape view (MAR-28823).

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