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DocuSign March 2018 Update

Released on March 2nd, 2018

Note: Some features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. Your account plan might not support some options in these Release Notes. For information about which options are available for your account, check your account plan or contact us.

New Experience Additions and Updates

The following sections describe additions or updates to the New DocuSign Experience.

Deprecated - Switching Between Accounts Across Sites

Switching between accounts across sites (for example, NA2 and EU) will cease to work in the Classic Experience after April 30, 2018. It will not be implemented in the New DocuSign Experience. Because of data sovereignty concerns, account switching between linked DocuSign accounts on different sites will no longer be supported. Users will have to log out of one DocuSign account and log in to another DocuSign account to switch between accounts on different sites.

Retiring Classic DocuSign Experience Documentation

As we wrap-up the transition from the Classic DocuSign Experience to the New DocuSign Experience, documentation supporting the Classic Experience is being removed from Google and Bing search results. If you want to find documentation on the Classic Experience, the Classic User Guide and the Classic Admin Guide will be available through June 30, 2018.

Organization Envelope Custody Transfer

Note: This functionality must be enabled on the organization. Requires that "AllowEnvelopeCustodyTransfer" be enabled

Admins can now transfer envelope custody to another user on another account within the organization and on the same site. From Organization, there is an Envelope Transfer tile that launches the envelope custody transfer experience. During the workflow, the admin is prompted to select the account and user to which to transfer the envelopes. The accounts must be on the same site (NA1, NA2, etc.). The transfer can also be completed using a CSV file. The account and user must be defined in the CSV file.

Setting to Allow Attached Documents to be Appended

For parity with the Classic Experience, we've added a setting in Admin > Sending Settings

>    Fields and Properties > Enable signer attachment field > Append attachments to the document with the attachment field that allows signer attachments to be appended to the parent document.

Organization Admin User Page Updated

  • New navigation on the page for easier access to important information regarding the user
  • External account information is presented to give the administrator more helpful information

External Account Memberships

  • A membership is considered external when it exists on an account that is not linked to the organization
  • External memberships are only shown for users of a domain reserved to the organization
  • These accounts are displayed to provide administrators information about their domain users
    • A recent enhancement was to provide the account information for these external memberships
  • These memberships cannot be acted on because they are outside of the administrative control of the organization administrators

Allow Users to Edit Their Names

Some customers want to prevent their users from being able to edit their display name. We've added a setting to Admin > Security Settings > User Personal Information > Allow users to edit their name to let admins prevent users from editing their display name. This setting is ON by default (allow users to edit their names).

Added the Ability to Download Form Data on the Manage Tab

For parity with the Classic Experience, users are able to download form data for individual

envelopes on the Manage tab from the envelope actions menu.

Updated Text in Delete Recipient Confirmation Dialog Box

For parity with the Classic Experience, the confirmation dialog box that users see when deleting a recipient from a template has been updated to include the number of fields that will be deleted with the recipient: This recipient has XX assigned fields. By deleting this recipient, you will also delete their fields. Would you like to delete the recipient and fields?

Allow Users to Add Documents After Another Recipient Has Completed Their Action

We've added a setting to Admin.> Sending Settings-> Envelope Correct > Allow adding documents after one or more recipients have completed their action to let admins control whether users can add documents to an envelope where one or more recipients have completed their action. This setting is ON by default (users can add documents after another recipient has taken action).

Error Message for Templates with the Same Name

Users will receive the error "A template with that name already exists in this account. Please provide a unique template name." when they try to save a new template or update an existing template with the same name as another template in the account.

Always Show Matching Template Suggestions

For parity with the Classic Experience, when users click Document > Apply Template and there are matching templates, they see a list of available templates. This dialog appears regardless of whether automatic template matching has been set on the account.

TLS 1.0 Support to End June 30, 2018

Following industry best practices, DocuSign will end TLS 1.0 support effective June 30, 2018.

TLS versions 1.1 and higher will still be supported. TLS 1.0 is employed by a few customers to support interaction with legacy systems, but industry best practices require that TLS 1.0 use be discontinued. All internet browsers currently supported by DocuSign already default to newer versions of TLS, so this change will go unnoticed by web and mobile users.

Connect Mutual TLS Certificates Renewal

Update your Connect Mutual TLS certificates for your environment by the dates listed under Important dates.

Who is affected

DocuSign customers who use the optional Mutual TLS feature with either Connect or the Envelopes::create API call with the eventNotification parameter.

Connect can be configured to respond with its X.509 certificate in response to a request from the customer's web server (Mutual TLS). Different certificates are used for DocuSign Demo, North America (NA1, NA2, and NA3), and European (EU) environments.

What you need to do

If your Connect web server uses Mutual TLS with DocuSign, you must update your server by the following deadlines based on your environment.

Important dates

March 9, 2018: The renewed Demo, NA (the same cert applies to NA1, NA2, and NA3), and EU certs will be available on the DocuSign Public Certificates page on the Trust Center.

  • Demo Cert Update
    • March 14, 2018: The renewed Demo certificate will be available for your integration on the Demo environment.
    • May 2nd, 2018: This is the deadline by which your integration must start using the renewed cert. We will drop support for the current Demo cert on this date.
  • EU Cert Update
    • April 11th, 2018: The renewed EU certificate will be available for your integration on the EU environment.
    • May 16th, 2018: This is the deadline by which your integration must start using the renewed cert in EU. We will drop support for the current EU cert on this date.
  • NA Cert Update
    • April 18th, 2018: The renewed NA certificate will be available for your integration on the NA environment.
    • May 23rd, 2018: This is the deadline by which your integration must start using the renewed cert in NA. We will drop support for the current NA cert on this date.

Connect HTTP Listener Sunset Reminder

The DocuSign Signature developer system ( can be configured to make Connect webhook calls to customers’ servers through HTTP or HTTPS connections only if the demo account was created before July 2017. The production systems only support HTTPS connections, but in certain situations, customers are able to use HTTP.

HTTP should never be used for sensitive information, including DocuSign Connect notifications.

We will be updating both systems to no longer allow HTTP Connect notifications.

If your Connect listener is currently using HTTP, you must update your server to support HTTPS. Free HTTPS certificates are available from the Let’s Encrypt project. Self-signed certificates are not supported.

These changes also apply to eventNotification Connect webhook listeners.

Summer '17 Update

The June (Summer '17) release adds the setting “Only HTTPS” to the System Updates panel in DocuSign Admin. Activate this setting to ensure that your account is only using HTTPS for Connect and eventNotification webhook subscriptions.

Note: If you do not see the "Only HTTPS" option on the System Updates page, your account is already configured to use HTTPS only.


Important dates

June 15, 2017: New accounts on either demo or production systems created after this date will not be able to use HTTP for their Connect listener servers.

May 1, 2018: No account on either demo or production systems will be able to use HTTP.

On this date, any system still using HTTP for its Connect listener will stop working.

If you are currently using HTTP for your Connect or eventNotification listeners, we recommend that you update your server to use HTTPS as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes - New Experience and Core

The following bug fixes were deployed to the DocuSign Production environment on March 2, 2018 as part of the DocuSign March 2018 release.

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

High Priority Bug Fixes

  • If an editor, who is not the sender, of an envelope tries to change her routing order to later in the list, and then tries to discard the change, she receives an error and the envelope cannot be corrected by either the editor or the sender (MAR-23720)

Medium Priority Bug Fixes

  • Editing a user's First Name and Last Name in Admin did not produce the expected Full Name (the concatenation of First Name and Last Name, regardless of the number of parts in either field) (ADMIN-4285).
  • When an envelope was sent through the console and required recipient authentication, and then the recipient was removed with an API call, the email link to the envelope still worked for the deleted recipient, and did not require authentication to see it (API-7506).
  • Users were not able to select multiple templates and share them with multiple users at one time, instead they had to select each user separately (MAR-21002).
  • When using automatic template matching in the new experience, if there are multiple possible matching templates the most relevant is not selected in the list, and if there is only one matching template, it is not automatically selected requiring additional clicks by the user (MAR-23280).
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to copy a field does not add a differentiating number to the field ID and does not retain the sender permissions in the copied field (MAR-23729).
  • Users were unable to forward completed envelopes (MAR-23835).
  • Downloading templates in the new experience creates XML files, which do not contain optional signer fields (MAR-23954).
  • After discarding a draft that was made in a shared envelope folder, the "Envelopes belonging to "Name". Return to my envelopes" option is missing. Users are still in the shared users folder and are not able to return to their own Inbox (MAR-24166).
  • Envelopes that had SMS authentication required were modified before reaching the recipient to require KBA/ID check authentication instead (MAR-24270).
  • For parity with the Classic Experience, when using multiple templates that have the same recipient at the signing order, the New Experience will offer to merge the recipient (MAR-24380).
  •  When using a powerform and typing a new sender name, the search function is not properly displaying matches when there are a large number of users to search (MAR-24803).
  • With multiple recipients in an envelope, changing the first recipient's role disables the Set Signing Order check box requiring the sender to recheck it (MAR-24916).
  • When a user received multiple documents to sign, if they chose to sign later for one of the documents, and then signed the next document, instead of then next document in the list being presented to sign next, the skipped document was presented (it should have been placed at the end of the signing queue) (SIGN-14949).
  • Needs to View recipients were presented the option to view the CoC, and if they viewed it and tried to download the PDF, they received a runtime error (SIGN-15681).
  •  Embedded signers were able to initiate a signing session, navigate away from the session to another web site in the same browser tab, and then use the browser Back button to navigate back to the envelope, which had been voided because the signer left the signing session, and in some cases interact with the fields on the envelope (SIGN-15725).
  • In person signers who did not have a DocuSign account were required to authenticate when attempting to view the completed document (SIGN-16068).
  • Recipient IDs are colliding when using a template, causing all the fields to be assigned to only one recipient when sending or editing the template (TT-825).
  • When creating or updating a template containing custom fields, payment fields are erroneously being applied to the custom fields (TT-971).
  • Additional work to fix uploading a document that included pre-selected radio buttons changed which radio button was selected (TT-974/TT-841).

Coming Soon

This following features and bug fixes will be available in the near future. Any release dates listed are tentative and subject to change.

Change Signatures During Signing Session

This feature will allow signers to change how they spell their names or to change their signatures after they have adopted a signature during a signing session. It will also allow account holders who have saved signatures to select, edit, or delete a signature during signing.

Merging PDF Form Fields with Template Fields

When users upload a PDF containing form fields, and then apply a template, if they choose to merge the PDF form fields with the template fields, when fields match, the data from the form field will be placed on the document.

Sort Templates by Template Name or Creation Date

To improve searching for templates, users will be able to sort templates by the template name in both ascending and descending order. They will also be able to sort templates by the template creation date.

Bug Fixes - Coming Soon

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

High Priority Bug Fixes

  • When attempting to add an additional column to an existing Custom Report, the column is not added, and the user receives the error message "Unable to retrieve schedule data from the server. Please try again later." (AR-7).

Medium Priority Bug Fixes

  • Access Code restrictions are not enforced when viewing another user's inbox through Envelope Sharing. User A and User B have access to each other's inboxes because they cover for each other. Confidential info sent that should not be shared between the two, and that uses an access code to enforce authentication, is accessible by the restricted user without entering the access code. This occurs even when Recipient Authentication Triggers is set to "Every time a recipient accesses an envelope" and Recipient Authentication Skip Option is set to "Cannot Skip" (API-7974/MAR-24991).
  • If an editor of an envelope, who is not the sender, tries to change her routing order to later in the list, and then tries to discard the change, she receives an error and the envelope cannot be corrected by either the editor or the sender (API-8021/MAR-23720).
  • Correcting an envelope to move a recipient to a lower (one before the current setting) and changing the recipient type changes the recipient type, but does not change the routing order, nor does an error occur (related to MAR-23344 from February) (API-8044).
  • Without the global "Allow view and manage envelope rights through API" setting enabled for a user with "Allow to Edit" recipient privileges, the editor recipient is unable to rotate pages in an envelope without encountering an error, but can perform all other editor functions on the envelope (DCMT-881).
  • For parity with the Classic Experience, senders will be able to pair an access code with another authentication method (MAR-23917).
  • When selecting Use a Template and entering a user email address. and then selecting Advanced Edit, some documents are omitted from the envelope, and the Document Visibility UI is displaced (MAR-24269).
  • AutoPlace fields on a template are removed when replacing the associated document (TT-888).
  • AutoPlace fields are not placed on all locations in document where the placeholder string is located (TT-1013)


Published: March 14, 2018

This document is an addendum to the notes published for the deployment to the DocuSign Production environment on March 2, 2018 as part of the DocuSign March 2018 Release.

DocuSign’s New Line Markup Tool - Coming Mid-March 2018

DocuSign’s Line markup tool enables Real Estate professionals to draw a line through (strike through) text and clauses on standard agreements within DocuSign to modify and prepare documents quickly and get them to clients faster with less hassle.

You can find the Line mark-up tool under the Markup Tools on the Add Fields page. You have control over the default color, thickness, and length of the line. You can draw lines horizontally, vertically, or diagonally through single words, lines, or blocks of text.

The Line markup tool is available in the web application, as well as the API. It is included in the following packages at no additional cost:

  • Real Estate Starter
  • DocuSign for REALTORS®
  • DocuSign for Real Estate
  • Real Estate Broker Edition

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