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DocuSign July 2020 Update

Released on July 6th, 2020


User - eSignature

21 CFR Part 11 Enhancement

When signing a Part 11 envelope and authenticating your signature through a third party identity provider (IdP), you will now be directed straight to you your IdP for authentication and will bypass the DocuSign landing page. This only applies to domains that have been claimed on DocuSign and have been configured as "required" for log in.

Signing Enhancement

Ability to streamline user login process if they have memberships on multiple sites, and they are trying to access an envelope. When the user clicks on the review documents link, the link already knows which site is correct. So once the user authenticates, DocuSign routes them automatically into the correct site, which would automatically start signing.

Drop Down Fields Now Support Custom Tooltips

The ability to have a tool tip now appears when a signer hovers over a dropdown field. This is needed for Accessibility reasons. This field now has a proper text which describes the field and can be read by a screen reader.

Add from Directory For Non-Admin Users

Admins can now enable the feature found within Sending Settings named: "Allow senders to add recipients from this account's User Directory." When enabled, senders on the account will be able to access and search the User Directory found within their Address Book during sending. The User Directory contains a list of active DocuSign users that are members of the sender's DocuSign account.

Admin/Org Admin

eSignature Value Calculator

  • Administrators can now leverage industry and use case benchmarks to estimate current and future business value of eSignature.
    • Using benchmark data, administrators can estimate the potential value they can gain from eSignature based on their envelope usage.
    • Administrators can access benchmarks for cost savings, productivity savings, and revenue gains based on data collected from eSignature customers.
  • Improved the granularity and usability of delegated administrator permission profiles in eSignature Admin:
    • Updated the add and edit permission profile user experience to provide clarity when creating full or delegated administrator permission profiles.
    • Added a View-only permission for Users and Groups. Users with this permission can view and export the user list, view user details, view groups, and view permission profiles.
    • Delegated administrators no longer require edit access to users, groups, and administrators in order to manage envelope sharing settings. Instead, they require view-only access to users and groups.
    • These changes will not impact existing permission profiles automatically. Administrators can edit existing permission profiles to apply changes.
  • In DocuSign Admin, added a diagnostic health check for Display Appliances in Display Appliance Pools.
  • Administrators of DocuSign’s Validator for Life Sciences will now be able to see a list of past Validation Reports that have been sent to the subscribing account. This will be found in eSignature Admin in the same location where Administrators can manage Validation Report recipients.

CLM Customers Can Now Perform Bulk Actions for Users in DocuSign Admin Center.

  • CLM customers that have not purchased the Organization Management Add-on and do not have the Enterprise Pro plan can now bulk add, update, and export users in bulk one linked account at a time. This can be accessed from the Users page.
  • Customers that have purchased the Organization Management Add-on or have the Enterprise Pro plan can use existing functionality to manage users in bulk for multiple linked accounts at a time. This includes managing CLM permissions when adding, updating, and exporting users in bulk.
  • The layout of the Users Page in DocuSign Admin Center has been improved.
    • This enhancement includes the ability to export, add, update, and close users in bulk.
    • Administrators can also access a log of user bulk actions taken where they can access the details and results of each action.

    • Administrators can now initiate bulk actions from the Users Page in DocuSign Admin Center.
    • Availability: Organization Management Add-on or Enterprise Pro.
  • When viewing a user’s details in DocuSign Admin, an administrator can now view a user’s account membership status in the table view of the memberships tab


User - eSignature

  • Fixed blank uploads during signing for signer attachments being seen by some clients. The Documents are now displayed during signing.
  • Fixed a strange interaction where working with a text field caused an unrelated href custom field's hyperlink modal to launch.

Admin/Org Admin

  • Legacy permission ‘Allow receipt of transferred envelopes’ no longer appears when creating a permission profile in eSignature Admin. This permission was deprecated as a part of the transition to the new DocuSign experience and this bug fix does not impact any existing or new permission profiles.
  • When adding a new user membership in DocuSign Admin, the option to autoactivate the membership only appears if the user’s email domain is reserved 
  • Support links from the header in eSignature Admin now links to localized pages based on the user’s selected language.


  • REST API result of listStatusChanges of Envelope is differed between v2 and v2.1. They are both now using the same underlying stored procedure, EnvelopeStatusSelectByBeginEndStatusChanged to select the envelopes.


PowerForms with ARR Conditional Routing

PowerForms with Conditional Recipient is available to allowed (previously whitelisted) customers. This gives senders the ability to create a PowerForm open to a wide audience, then route dynamically to the correct signers depending on how the form is filled out. The form can automatically route to different departments based on a dropdown. Please contact your Account Manager if you would like to try this feature.

Device Verification

Device Verification is a new security feature that is being ramped up in Demo and Production starting in this release. If a user logs in from a new device or browser, they will be asked to reverify their email before continuing into the product. This feature can be disabled by individual users on the Privacy and Security tab of My Profile. DocuSign Admins will be able to opt out for their domain users.


Connect failure queues previously kept errors for >30 days. Majority of customers would either have fixed and republished in the first few days or the queue tends sit and build up. In order to preserve performance for all customers, the failure queues will now be kept for 15 days.

Templates List Performance Improvements for IE

DocuSign will be updating the template list to be in line with the envelope list. Updates will be made to the menu for the folder items andstructure.

21 CFR Part 11- Improving Activation of Federated Users

DocuSign will be releasing a fix that will no longer block senders from sending to federated users without an active DocuSign account. This will only impact recipients with an email domain that is claimed on DocuSign. This improvement has been rolled out to a few select customers and will be rolling out over the next few months.

21 CFR Part 11 Enhancement

When signing a Part 11 envelope and authenticating your signature through a third party identity provider (IdP), you will now be directed straight to you your IdP for authentication and will bypass the DocuSign landing page. This only applies to domains that have been claimed on DocuSign and have been configured as "required" for log in to relevant CFR customers over the next few months.

Download Email Improvements

Users will be taken to a download section upon clicking the Download link from an email. From the link, users are immediately taken to the download section inside Reporting. Users can see up to 90 days worth of scheduled reports. Once the View button is clicked, the CSV file downloads.

Enable Clients to Enforce Uploading a Signature

DocuSign began releasing a new feature to enable clients to enforce uploading a signature (instead of allowing the selection option of the default or to draw a signature). It will be enabled from a checkbox ("Allow senders to require signers to upload a new image to sign or initial") in the Sending Settings. The checkbox will be OFF by default, so clients will not see it. The feature will be activated during the Prepare phase under the Advanced Settings tab. For more information please see the user guide.

Create Recipient View

This change is to the URL returned by the Create Recipient View API endpoint.

What Will Change?

Customers can expect to see the length of the URL to be longer. Customers can expect to be redirected through a different subdomain depending on region of the account sending the envelope.Please verify your allowed domains.

What Will Not Change?

DocuSign has designed this change such that your existing functionality should notbe affected..

Why is Docusign Making This Change?

These changes are part of an effort to standardize and further secure links that redirect into Signing Ceremony. DocuSign is working to centralize the system used for authentication across all its products. These new links provide improved security compared to the current system. Ability to expire, revoke, or modify an existing link without changing it. Make secret links harder to brute force or to guess. Provide improved auditing on redemption. Provides better ability to enforce authentication policies such as two-step verification.

When Can You Expect These Changes?

Changes started rolling out the week of Feb 18th. If you will not be ready by the Prod rollout, you can request an extension for your Production accounts by working with support or your Account Manager. If you are ready to see the change in Production and would like to request early access, please reach out to support or your Account Manager.

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