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DocuSign January 2018 Update

Released on January 5th, 2018

Note: Some features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. Your account plan might not support some options in these Release Notes. For information about which options are available for your account, check your account plan or contact us.

New Experience Additions and Updates

Optional Payment Setting

Optional payments allow a sender to set a payment as optional, in which case the signer has the option to either pay or skip the payment and complete signing. Previously, a signer could not complete signing without a successful payment.


Administrator Shared with Me Folder Behavior Update

For parity with the classic experience, for Administrators, the "Shared with Me" folder does not show templates that are only shared with the Administrators group.

Managed Stamps

DocuSign managed stamps allows the administrator to assign users or groups to a stamp as a way of giving signing authority on behalf of others. A stamp may represent an organization, a part of an organization, such as a department, or the identity of another user. In certain countries such as Japan, stamps are used in place of signatures and Managed Stamps helps to provide a higher level of control for sensitive stamps like company or departmental eHanko. For more information about managed stamps, see Managed Stamps on the DocuSign Support site.

V02 Responsive Signing Experience

Accounts on signing versions V1 and V2 are being upgraded to the V02 responsive version. This is a minor UI change that results in a more consistent and mobile-friendly signing experience across different devices.

This experience has been rolled out 100% in Demo and Web environments, and in Individual, Business Pro, and Enterprise plans.

Connect HTTP Listener Sunset Reminder

The DocuSign Signature developer system ( can be configured to make Connect webhook calls to customers’ servers through HTTP or HTTPS connections only if the demo account was created before July 2017. The production systems only support HTTPS connections, but in certain situations, customers are able to use HTTP

HTTP should never be used for sensitive information, including DocuSign Connect notifications.

We will be updating both systems to no longer allow HTTP Connect notifications.

If your Connect listener is currently using HTTP, you must update your server to support HTTPS. Free HTTPS certificates are available from the Let’s Encrypt project. Self-signed certificates are not supported.

These changes also apply to eventNotification Connect webhook listeners.

Summer '17 Update

The June (Summer '17) release adds the setting “Only HTTPS” to the System Updates panel in DocuSign Admin. Activate this setting to ensure that your account is only using HTTPS for Connect and eventNotification webhook subscriptions.

Note: If you do not see the "Only HTTPS" option on the System Updates page, your account is already configured to use HTTPS only.

Important dates

June 15, 2017: New accounts on either demo or production systems created after this date will not be able to use HTTP for their Connect listener servers.

May 1, 2018: No account on either demo or production systems will be able to use HTTP.

On this date, any system still using HTTP for its Connect listener will stop working.

If you are currently using HTTP for your Connect or eventNotification listeners, we recommend that you update your server to use HTTPS as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes - New Experience and Core

The following bug fixes were deployed to the DocuSign Production environment on January 5, 2018 as part of the DocuSign January 2018 release.

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

High Priority Bug Fixes

  • Free form recipients (those without assigned fields) who were not in first signing order were able to complete an envelope without adding any fields (SIGN-15683).

Medium Priority Bug Fixes

Shared envelopes that were in Failed Authentication state were not listed in the Sent folder (API-7685).

Envelopes that were in Correct state were not listed in shared folders (API-7699).

  • Printing the Electronic Record and Signature Disclosure included the Print and Cancel button on the bottom of the printed document (SIGN-14759).
  • Dropdown field values appeared to change when scrolling through multiple-document envelopes (SIGN-15616).
  • Adding a template when correcting an envelope added fields for recipients who had already completed the envelope (TT-759).
  • Search by envelope ID does not always return the envelope when searching Shared Envelopes (TT-821).
  • Uploading a document that included pre-selected radio buttons changed which radio button was selected (TT-841).
  • Uploading a document that included pre-selected radio buttons changed which radio button was selected (TT-841).
  • After saving a template with an autoplace field (anchor tag), downloading it, and then uploading it, users were unable to save the autoplace field as a custom field on the re-uploaded template (TT-858).
  • When sending a CFR-11 activation to a closed, non-CFR-11 recipient, the recipient was not receiving an activation email (TT-877).

Coming Soon

This following features and bug fixes will be available in the near future. Any release dates listed are tentative and subject to change.

Bulk Send Updates

Anticipated release to DEMO is mid-January, and to Production in mid-February.

  • Enhancements to Bulk Send include:
  • The ability to add multiple recipients
  • Envelope Custom Fields
  • Different recipient types (CC, needs to view, needs to sign; no others at this time)
  • Recipient names or emails as placeholders in the Subject of email (same behavior as for Templates)
  • Add Radio Buttons Change
  • When adding radio buttons, the number of buttons added is changing from five to two.

Add Radio Buttons Change

When adding radio buttons, the number of buttons added is changing from five to two.

Access Transaction Room Contacts and Documents from DocuSign

Users with both a DocuSign account and a Transaction Rooms (DTR) account (which are linked) can add their DTR contacts and documents when preparing an envelope from DocuSign. They can access their rooms, and from within a room, the people and documents associated with that room. After sending the envelope, the sender can see it in the transaction room, and the completed envelope is returned to the room.

Accessibility Update - Reorder Report Columns

Users can reorder report columns by specifying the order like setting recipient order.Previous behavior required users to drag-and-drop columns to reorder them.

Payments Update - Support for ACH for Authorize.Net

Support for bank transfer (ACH) as a payment method for the Authorize.Net integration is being added within the next quarter.

Customers using Authorize.Net as their payment gateway will be able to accept payments by bank transfer (ACH) as well as credit card. Previously, bank transfer payments were only supported in the Stripe integration.

Bug Fixes - Coming Soon

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

  • When users attempt to add an additional column to an existing Custom Report, the column is not added, and they receive the error: "Unable to retrieve schedule data from the server. Please try again later." (MAR-23764).
  • Sending with a template in DocuSign for Salesforce and the new experience, users receive the error: Error when trying to send - Some fields may be out of Sync. Bad Request. (MAR-23981).
  • Users with a template containing more than 1000 fields receive errors when attempting to edit the template (e.g., remove fields or pages) (MAR-24281).
  • The number of envelopes requiring action is overstated (MAR-21287).
  • Users at Manage Envelope role are logged out after correcting an envelope opened with the email link (MAR-23660).
  • Users are unable to forward completed envelopes (MAR-23835).
  • Users searching their contacts receive no results (MAR-23943).
  • Downloading templates in the new experience creates XML files, which do not contain optional signer fields (MAR-23954).
  • When only one Active user remains on an account (all other users have been closed), the Shared Envelopes button is not displayed when closed users envelopes have been shared with the remaining active user. (MAR-24136).
  • When viewing sending Advanced Options, the UI states that it is using the SENDING_ xyz brand, when in it actually uses the Signing brand, which confuses users (MAR-24469).
  • When placing Text fields on a document or template, the field shifts downward when viewed by the recipient, partially covering any text below the field (MAR-24570).
  • When senders log in to DocuSign and open an envelope (which has authentication set up for signers) on the MANAGE tab, they are required to authenticate even though "Sender Must Authenticate" has been set to false (MAR-24637).
  • When sending an envelope with multiple documents and a large number of recipients and using Document Visibility, the list of recipients and icons is misaligned and users cannot scroll to the bottom of the list to dismiss the dialog box (MAR-24751).
  • In the new experience, a template with hundreds of formulas takes significantly longer to load than when using the same template in the classic experience (TT-794).

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