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DocuSign February 2020 Update

Released on January 24th, 2020

The February 2020 describes new or enhanced features, fixes, coming-soon features, and technical alerts.

Release Availability: Each month, Release Notes include items from different parts of the DocuSign product. Some of these areas have different release cycles, which means the availability of the feature may vary. Items are available by the end of the month for which the notes are written, but may appear slightly before or after the release notes are published.

Note: Some features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. Your account plan might not support some options in these Release Notes. For information about which options are available for your account, check your account plan or contact your Account Manager.


Admin/Org Admin

Admin/Org Admin DocuSign Admin Release as of January 7, 2020

Account Site IDs

Account Site ID is now displayed on the Billing and Usage page in eSignature Admin. For more information see Admin Release Notes.


Admin/Org Admin DocuSign Admin Release as of January 22, 2020

New Sending Settings check boxes are available in eSignature Admin (see documentation)

Require a template for all envelopes sent from this account

  • Availability: All accounts except EasySign Accounts
  • Default: Unchecked
  • Behavior: If checked, the “Send an Envelope” button is hidden in eSignature.

Prevent users from forwarding completed envelopes

  • Availability: All accounts
  • Default: Unchecked
  • Behavior: If checked, the “Forward” option for completed envelopes are hidden in eSignature.
  • sub item 2

Enable template upload

  • Availability: Only EasySign Accounts
  • Default: Unchecked
  • Behavior: If checked, senders can upload templates in EasySign.

Allow senders to require signers to upload a new image to sign or initial

  • Availability: All accounts
  • Default: Unchecked
  • Behavior: If checked, senders can require that signers upload a new image to sign or initial for the envelope regardless of whether the signer has a saved signature.

New Security Setting is available in eSignature Admin (see documentation):

  • Hide access code in the routing order
  • Availability: All accounts
  • Default: Unchecked
  • Behavior: If checked, the access code will only be visible to the sender and the intended recipient. All other roles in the routing order will be unable to view the access code.


Admin/Org Admin

  • All external domain user profile details are now visible and editable by Org Admins and Org User Admins.
  • Selecting ‘Add a membership’ from the Actions drop-down now lands on the memberships page.
  • Duplicate federated ids no longer appear in the Identity Providers tab of the User Details page.
  • The Organization Overview page is now accessible from the side bar menu in Org Admin.
  • Links in the Users, Identity Providers, and Bulk Actions pages in Org Admin are now accessible by keyboard.
  • Closing an Org Administrator's account membership no longer removes their Org Admin permissions.
  • Admin Notification links for Release Notes now direct to localized pages.
  • When an admin tries to add a user to an account has reached maximum number of users, the admin is notified that the user cannot be added.

Additional Fixes:

  • Links for Admin Release notes in eSignature Admin Home now point to the correct localized pages.
  • Org Administrators can edit details for external domain users.
  • Accessibility Improvements:
  • The Identity Providers, Accounts, and Users pages in Org Admin now have updated input labels.
  • The Home page and Identity Providers page in Org Admin and the Home page in eSignature Admin can now be navigated via keyboard.
  • The Admin Notifications on the eSignature Admin home page can now be navigated via keyboard.

Coming Soon

Template List Performance Improvements for IE

DocuSign will be updating the template list to be in line with the envelope list. Updates will be made to the menu for the folder items and structure.

21 CFR Part 11- Alternative Signing Option

The Alternative Signing Option for Part 11 will streamline the signing experience for Part 11 signers. With this new option, Part 11 signers will authenticate (with a minimum of email and password) at the point of accessing the envelope, which is the start of the individual’s signing session, and again before completing the envelope.

The Alternative Signing Option is turned on by request and will become available to select Early Access customers starting March 2020 and is expected to launch for general availability as part of DocuSign’s Summer ‘20 Release.

Download Email Improvements

Users will be taken to a download section upon clicking the Download link from an email. From the link, users are immediately taken to the download section inside Reporting. Users can see up to 90 days worth of scheduled reports. Once the View button is clicked, the CSV file downloads.

DocuSign eWitness

DocuSign eWitness allows organizations to enable signers to identify up to two witnesses to sign an agreement in a legal and confidential manner. eWitness captures the witness information in the Certificate of Completion to support any legal disputes. This means many of the typically paper based deeds can be digitized in the future,saving organization significant time and money. This feature is available for Enterprise Pro customers. If you are not an Enterprise Pro customer, please ask your Account Manager to enable this feature.

Enable Clients to Enforce Uploading a Signature

During January DocuSign has been releasing a new feature to enable clients to enforce uploading a signature (instead of allowing them to pick one of the default ones or draw a signature).

It will be enabled from a RADmin checkbox ("Allow senders to require signers to upload a new image to sign or initial") in the Sending Settings. The checkbox will be OFF by default, so clients will not see it. The feature will be activated during the Prepare phase under the Advanced Settings tab.

Branding Language Experience Improvement Administrators

can select a subset of languages for a brand:

  • Add a setting to allow admin to choose branding languages from the 44 signing languages, prepopulated
  • Set as many languages as possible
  • Edit and save the setting or cancel the operation

Administrators Can Select a Default Brand Language:

  • Indicate which languages from the selected is the default branding language (if the signer does not have any languages listed as branding languages, the signer can receive the default language instead)
  • Edit and save the setting or cancel the operation

Important Notes: This enhancement will not impact how the current resource file is setup for customers. Customers do not need to change anything. Customers can choose which languages for branding from the new UI. Brand can be set up in Demo. Once the language selection feature is available in production, they can choose the languages with the brand set up in Demo.

This is currently being ramped up in Production.

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