DocuSign February 2019 Update

Released on January 18, 2019

Released on January 18th, 2019

New and Updated Features


Organization Admins Can Update Users Across All Accounts (ADMIN-6283)

Organization Admins can quickly update users across all accounts in the organization with a CSV file using Bulk Actions.


Clarification to Envelope Security Improvement: Signing Links Expire Automatically

This feature is now live for all customers in Demo and is scheduled for Production starting in mid-October 2018.

In an effort to improve the security of unauthenticated access to envelopes, this change expires links to envelopes after five clicks or 48 hours from the time they are sent. This only applies to unauthenticated envelopes, this does not apply to envelopes with an access code or other authentication methods such as SSO.

Initially, this will not be enabled for all accounts but will be rolled out to accounts over the coming weeks.

Here are some details:

  • If you apply an access code or other authentication methods. This is what currently happens:
    • If you send an envelope with authentication required every time to view the envelope, the envelope is sent and the link never expires
    • If you send an envelope with authentication required only once to view the envelope, the envelope is sent, the recipient is asked to authenticate, and after they authenticate the five clicks or 48 hours rule applies and a new link is sent

If users are required to authenticate with both an access code and SMS or phone, the new link only requires the access code to authenticate (it does not require SMS or phone authentication)

  • After a link has expired, the user can request a new link that will be sent to their email account
  • For signers with accounts, they can sign in to their DocuSign account to gain access to the envelope regardless of the link expiration status
  • Applies to all in-progress links for all recipient types
  • Links to completed envelope links expire under the same flow
  • This applies to existing links not just new links generated after this change is deployed

Sending and Templates

Adding Tooltip to Radio Buttons

DocuSign will be adding a Tooltip to the Radio Buttons in the add fields page that can be included as the tooltip instead of the Data Label that is in many cases an internal name that shouldn't be disclosed.

Radio Button and Check Box Placement Aligned in Sending and Signing

Prior to this fix, radio buttons and checkboxes placed in the sending experience were slightly lower and to the right of the field values that appeared in signing and the completed PDF. After this fix, radio and checkbox fields appear exactly in the sending user experience as they do in signing and the completed PDF.

Message to Users in My Preferences That ID Information Can Be Changed in My Profile

Users will see messaging in My Preferences that they can now change their identity information (email, passwords, company and title, address, etc) on My Profile. These settings will still be editable on My Preferences for a few months for all plans.

Reporting Updates

DocuSign has updated the reporting system as follows.

Send Report Now

This new functionality lets you email a report to yourself or to others. The report runs as soon as possible and is sent as an email attachment. This is a useful alternative to running and downloading a large report.

Run Report Interaction

DocuSign has updated report interaction to let you make changes to date ranges, filters, or columns without the report refreshing automatically. To apply any updates, you must click Run Report.

Accuracy Bug Fixes

DocuSign has fixed the bug in the report dashboard and in reports to improve data accuracy.

Environmental Impact Highlights

Highlighting each account’s environmental impact directly in the application. DocuSign has identified three placements – the homepage, reports, and the post-sending alert. DocuSign  focuses on four critical metrics – wood, water, carbon emissions, and solid waste – and built an algorithm that calculates this information based on total sends, recipients, and pages. DocuSign also wanted to provide insight into the signers, so we surfaced DocuSign’s environmental impact on the post-signing page.

Why This is Important

Green initiatives are a significant focus for companies and is one reason to choose DocuSign. While DocuSign has promoted the green impact on the marketing sites, especially around Earth Day, the green impact was not previously implemented directly in the product nor was it tied specifically to a parent account. By providing customers with an ongoing view of their environmental impact, the aim is to increase user satisfaction and promote additional use cases.

Delivering Environmental Impact Information

Environmental impact information is delivered in four ways:

  • Reports Page: A new module at the top of the Reports page features account-level environmental impact with a focus on four key attributes – wood, water, CO2 emissions, and solid waste.

DocuSign February 2019 Update image 1

  • Home page: DocuSign will rotate between the four attributes in the bottom-left corner of the home page.

DocuSign February 2019 Update image 2


  • Post-Signing Page: The post-signing page contains an additional module that highlights DocuSign’s environmental savings.

DocuSign February 2019 Update image 3

See Profile Photo on My Profile

All customers will now be able to see their profile photo (or upload a new one) on My Profile.

21 CFR Part 11

21 CFR Part 11 Keep PDF From Data after Uploading PDF

21 CFR Part 11 Module customers who need to keep PDF form data after uploading a PDF with form fields will now find that the completed PDFs maintain form data fields as read-only fields instead of flattened text. This feature is available to all 21 CFR Part 11 Module customers with this release. For additional detail on how to keep PDF form data, follow this link for support:

21 CFR Part 11 Scheduled Release Feature Available

A new Scheduled Release feature is available for 21 CFR Part 11 customers to provide more of a regular cadence for significant new features in DocuSign's Sending user experience.

This feature exposes a new Administration setting that allows CFR customers to opt-in and receive significant new Sending features on the same dates as DocuSign core releases (usually the first Thursday of each month). Smaller changes and bug fixes that ensure the health, security, and performance of the system still release to production as needed on an ongoing basis.

Opting-out of this feature (the default state) will allow all Sending features to appear in a production account as they are ready without delay.

This feature is only available to customers with an Enterprise Pro plan.


Recipient Preview Disabled in Demo

A critical bug in Preview caused us to roll back that functionality in Demo earlier in December. Preview will likely be reactivated in Demo in January, and the production rollout with the February release will be restarted

Environmental Impact Data in Reports

The Reports page will highlight ways in which your use of DocuSign is having a positive effect on the environment by replacing paper-based processes. DocuSign will display data estimating how many wood and other resources have been saved.

Check Box Group Validation Rules

Note: Carried forward from January 2019 notes for continued awareness.

Senders can create checkbox groups with validation rules for signers. Rules include the ability to select an exact number, at least, at most, and a range of checkboxes that must be selected. The feature will be enabled mid-January for select customers. It will be enabled for other customers on a rolling basis.

Contact your account representative to have this feature enabled for your account.


REST API Support for Purging Terminal State Authoritative Copy Envelopes

The REST API now supports the ability to purge terminal state (voided, canceled) envelopes after an Authoritative Copy is exported.

Deprecated Features

Support for DocuSign Print Driver v2 is Ending.

Starting January 2019, Print Driver v2 will no longer function. Customers are encouraged to upgrade to Print Driver v3.x. The latest version (v3.2.1 uploaded October 10, 2018) of Print Driver is now available from the DocuSign support download site.


Scheduled Single Sign-On Certificate Replacement

DocuSign will be doing a scheduled Single Sign-On certificate replacement and simultaneously changing our certificate authority for SAML AuthN requests in our Demo/NA1/NA2/NA3/EU/CA/AU environments. As a result, the certificate will be updated on the following timelines.

The new certificate will be live:

  • Demo: February 16th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST)
  • Production (NA1/NA2/NA3/EU/AU/CA): February 25th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST) The current certificate will expire:
  • Demo: March 25th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST)
  • Production (NA1/NA2/NA3/EU/AU/CA): April 11th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST)

Some Identity Providers (IdP) will use this certificate to verify DocuSign’s authentication request in SAML. If so, this certificate might be used by the IdP to encrypt the SAML response to DocuSign. Please review your IdP and replace this certificate as needed. Failing to update this certificate could mean that your IdP may not allow a user to log into DocuSign after the dates stated above. This change affects both SSO V1 and V2 customers.

Bug Fixes

Sending and Templates

  • In My Preferences, under Contacts, clicking the DIRECTORY tab displayed the correct content, but the tab still said ADDRESS BOOK (MAR-28398).
  • DocuSign now allows pre-existing strike-through fields to have coordinates that fall outside the bounds of a page, but only if the coordinates falling out of bounds is a result of changing the document size. Newly-created fields with invalid coordinates (outside the bounds of a page) are not allowed (TT-1455).
  • The current REST API didn't handle Classic DocuSign Experience templates with radio anchor fields correctly during upload. Users received the error "The specified User Off-set exceeds the page boundaries". The fix now allows these templates to be uploaded successfully with no error (TT-2006).
  • The in-person signing process will prompt hosts to enter their passwords to complete the process to log back in before opening the envelope list (MAR-28506).
  • When a sender's inbox is shared with a signer, they were not getting the certificate on download even though they were acting as the sender. Work has been done in Core to fix portions of this problem. However, the getDocument request supports an optional query parameter "shared_user_id" that is necessary to complete a download as that user.
  • DocuSign is now adding that parameter when downloading from a shared inbox to complete the work to get the certificate to shared users properly (MAR-28539).
  • When a sender is also a signer on an envelope with document visibility, they can click Document Visibility to review the document visibility. When they click Save to exit the document visibility dialog box, they receive the error "Document Visibility changes could not be saved. Please try again." They receive this message regardless of whether they have made any changes. The error only occurs when the sender is also set as a signer on the envelope (MAR-25261).
  • In a Template, if you set a Recipient action as Signs with Notary and placed a Private Message to the Notary when editing the template or using the template that private message was cleared. The private message to the notary is now retained and displayed (MAR-27996).
  • With some users, adding a stamp in preferences did not upload the image properly (MAR-28166).
  • When attempting to print the History of an envelope, a blank page was inserted as the first page (MAR-28190).
  • When a user logs in, a timer was set to make a call to keep the token alive. There was an issue with the timer, which was not triggering.
  • The timer was always set at 8 hrs at the time the page loaded. The problem with this was that, if a user refreshed the page, then timer was again set to 8 hrs from the time the page loaded instead of from the time the token was acquired (MAR-28255).
  • After enabling the permission level setting "Disable Document Upload", users were still able to drag and drop uploads (MAR-28264).
  • Customer created a bulk send CSV file with authentication by SMS. Some telephone numbers needed to be corrected change the recipient's phone number and receive the authentication at the correct number.

When the customer started the correction, the current authentication method was not displayed, and they did not have the option to add a new authentication method. The problem began with the customer phone numbers in the .CSV file that were wrong, but  even when the phone numbers were correct, it also blocked the option to correct the authentication.

The authentication method is now available for correction (MAR-27230).


To help keep customers secure, DocuSign now blocks some HTML, CSS, and all Javascript from use in custom Legal Disclosure text. For a list of valid HTML and CSS, see "Whitelisted HTML Tags, Attributes and CSS Properties" in the Signing Resource File support guide.

This change will begin rolling out in February and conclude in April (SIGN-19784).


  • Fix for editors being shown the "lack sufficient permissions" error when they log in or open an envelope and choose to edit (correct) the envelope (DCMT-574).
  • DocuSign no longer writes VIEWED in the Intermediary section of the Certificate of Completion when the intermediary never opened the envelope (DCMT-1825).
  • The Certificate of Completion is now available for download on purged envelopes. Access is available until the envelope is purged (DCMT-1903).
  • If a recipient is unable to view documents based on their document visibility settings, DocuSign now honors sender settings when determining which attachments to include in completed envelopes (DCMT-2126).


  • Accuracy fix for user activity report that affected some customers (AR-152).

Coming Soon

Bug Fixes

  • The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug.

There is no way a user can now add an item to a radio button group or a checkbox group using the keyboard. As there is a radio button and group checkbox it is better to provide keyboard support to add an extra radio button or checkboxes in a group. The focus should go to all the radios and then to the "+" to give the chance to the user to add an extra radio (MAR-28517).

  • The Print button on the History window should present a result whose format better matches the history displayed in-app, or the option for portrait or landscape view should be offered (MAR-28823).
  • The in-person signing process will prompt hosts to enter their passwords to complete the process to log back in before opening the envelope list (MAR-28506).

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