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DocuSign August 2018 Update

Released on August 2nd, 2018

Note: Some features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. Your account plan might not support some options in these Release Notes. For information about which options are available for your account, check your account plan or contact us.

New and Updated Features


Audit Sharing Envelope Events

Envelope Sharing events are now logged in the account audit logs. Adding or removing envelope sharing between users is logged as an entry in the account audits.Initially, this will not be enabled for all accounts, but will be rolled out to accounts over the coming weeks.

Support for Automatic Activation of Sub-domains

For SSO customers, sub-domains can be automatically verified if the root domain has been verified by DNS. This allows SSO admins to add any sub-domain without having to perform full DNS verification, simplifying the process of adding new email domains that your company uses. This feature must be enabled on the root domain by checking the box to automatically verify any sub-domain. The next time you add a sub-domain it will automatically be active without having to perform DNS verification.

Prevent Users from Using Personal DocuSign Accounts on Company Network

This feature can be enabled to enforce that a user can log in only to a DocuSign account that belongs to the organization. This allows corporate firewalls and proxies to add an additional HTTP header that will prevent users on the corporate network from logging into any DocuSign account that does not belong to the organization.

Authorize a Service Application to Access Only an Individual User Account

For organizations with applications that use service authentication, you can now authorize a service application to access only an individual user’s account. Previously, the platform required admins to grant a service application full access to all users on a domain. With this update you can pick an individual user and give them impersonation permission for a specific integrator key.

Sending and Templates

Senders Can Lock Name and Email Address

When Allow Sender to unlock pre-filled email/name for Send to Manage recipients is enabled in the Account Plan Editor, the Lock Name and Lock Email options are available in Advanced settings when sending an envelope with a manager recipient. These two check boxes let senders modify whether manager recipients can change the name or email for the recipients they manage. By default, these settings are set to true.

Senders Can Add Payment Field and Attachment for the Same Recipient

Senders can add both payment and attachment fields to envelopes for individual recipients. Recipients can upload a file, but cannot fax a file, to complete the attachment field. Faxing is not allowed when both a payment field and an attachment field are present.

Deprecated Features

Columns Removed from Reports

The following columns in reports will no longer be available as of August 2018. The columns were available in reports in the New DocuSign Experience for both live and scheduled reports. Any customers with reporting turned on who use these columns will be affected by this change

Affected columns and fields

  • Envelope Velocity (reportId: 4)
    • Total Documents
    • Total Pages
  • Envelope Report (reportId: 6)
    • #    of Files
    • #    of Pages
    • EOD Status
  •  Envelope Status (reportId: 7)
    • Total Documents
    • Total Pages

Bug Fixes

Sending and Templates

  • Reminders and expiries were not being honored after the first recipient when set for multiple recipients (EC-371).
  • When setting up a formula that included fields and a numeral entered manually, when the envelope was sent, the numeral was stripped of all but the first digit (MAR-22353).
  • Correcting an envelope to move a recipient to an earlier routing order (one before the current setting) and changing anything else (like recipient type) made the other change, but correctly, did not change the routing order; however, the user was not presented with an appropriate error message (MAR-23344).
  • Senders were able to click the Resend button hundreds of time in 60 seconds, causing hundreds of unnecessary reminders to be sent to recipients. Now, senders must wait 10 seconds before being able to resend an envelope (MAR-24754).
  • Merge fields mapped to a DocuSign for Salesforce account were not visible on the Add Fields page when preparing an envelope (MAR-25573).
  • When users replaced a document in a template that used IDR zones, the IDR zones did not appear in the replaced document unless the template was opened and resaved (MAR-26210).
  • Double-clicking a text field in a template removed all existing data from the field (MAR-26607).
  • Dropdown fields were centered instead of left-aligned when previewed before sending an envelope (MAR-28619).
  • Envelope search results were inconsistent when using custom date ranges (MAR-26622).
  • Recipients were not receiving email notifications to sign when templates were viewed with Recipient Preview before sending (MAR-26700).
  • When correcting an envelope, if a completed signer's signature type section was expanded during the correction, the correction failed (MAR-26820).
  • Document file names containing semi-colons (;) did not load properly (MAR-26873).


  • When senders included a hyperlink with no initial text in the data field, recipients were unable to follow the link unless they right-clicked and opened it in another window (SIGN-15504).
  • When the electronic records and signature disclosure field that allowed the sender to change the email address customers should use to receive a copy of their documents was updated, the changed email address was not reflected in the Certificate of Completion (SIGN-16466).
  • Using the SOAP API, occasionally the recipient was not properly redirected to the sign-ing-complete URL specified in the envelope (SIGN-16991).
  • Text box validation text (i.e., "Number") did not display properly when viewed by the recipient (SIGN-17783).

Coming Soon

Sending and Templates

Add Envelope Status to PowerForm CSV Download

To let customers filter PowerForm responses based on envelope status, a column containing Envelope Status was added to the CSV download file.

Bug Fixes

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug.

  • Access Code restrictions are not enforced when viewing another user's inbox through Envelope Sharing. Users A and B have access to each other's inboxes because they cover for each other. Confidential info sent that should not be shared between the two, and that uses an access code to enforce authentication, is accessible by the restricted user without entering the access code. This occurs even when Recipient Authentication Triggers is set to "Every time a recipient accesses an envelope" and Recipient Authentication Skip Option is set to "Cannot Skip" (EC-7).
  • Users are receiving the error "The specified envelope corrections have duplicate recipients." when attempting to add recipients to an in-process envelope (MAR-26164).
  • When a template was uploaded, was shared with all users irrespective of what its shared status was (TT-1332).

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