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DocuSign August 2017 Update

Released on July 20th, 2017

Note: Some features and options are supported only in certain DocuSign plans. Your account plan might not support some options in these Release Notes. For information about which options are available for your account, check your account plan or contact us.

New and Updated Features

Texas Added as eNotary Jurisdiction

You can now select Texas from the list of states in the Select Jurisdiction menu when you create an eNotary Jurisdiction.

The available states are:

  • Florida
  • Idaho
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Texas
  • Washington

Assign Brands to Groups (New Experience)

For parity with the classic DocuSign experience, you can now assign brands to groups in the new DocuSign experience.

If your account includes multiple signing brands, you can use the group's functionality to manage which brands are available to your account members. For the custom groups you define for your account, you can assign brands to specify the ones that group members can use. Group members can use the available brands when they send envelopes or create templates.

For more information, see Assign Brands to Groups (specific) or Groups (general) on our support site.

List Filters Update

List filters have a new look to more clearly indicate the presence of the filter and the fields that can be filtered.

Payments Updates

DocuSign is expanding its Payments feature with a new payment gateway, the ability for signers to select bank transfers as a payment method, and the ability for senders to select which payment methods to accept. Payment Gateway

In addition to the existing Stripe payment gateway, you can now connect your DocuSign account with your account on For more information, see Managing Payment Gateways on our support site.

Sender-selected Payment Methods

Senders now have the ability to select which payment methods they accept for an envelope. When you request a payment, you select the payment methods that the recipient can see when they make a payment. For more information, see Requesting Payments Along with Signatures on our support site.

Bank Transfers

We have finalized the ability for signers to select Bank Transfer as a payment method to make payments directly from their bank account when paying while signing. This feature is in addition to Credit Card as a payment method and is only available for Stripe customers located in the United States. For more information, see Signing Documents that Include Payments on our support site.

Coming Soon

This following features and bug fixes will be available in the near future; the dates, where listed, are estimates at this time and will be updated when the feature is released.

Signing Update (August)

Signing Version is being updated to V02 Responsive. This means users will have a more responsive, consistent, mobile-friendly signing experience across different devices.

Contact your account representative to opt in to Signing Version V02 Responsive. The new version will be live in production for Business Pro plans in early August, and for Enterprise Pro plans starting in late August.

Move Bulk Recipient Templates (August)

Users will soon be able to move bulk recipient templates created in their Demo environments to their Production environments by downloading the templates from Demo and then uploading them to Production. If they find that the templates in Production need to be modified, they will be able to download from Production and upload to Demo to modify and test the changes.

All-Finished Dialog Available in Embedded Signing (September)

To comply with Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) record retention requirements, embedded signers will be able to print or download signed agreements immediately after they sign an agreement instead of relying on email delivery or visiting the initiating company's website.

Email Reminder Events are Included in the Certificate of Completion (August)

When an email reminder is sent to a recipient, the record of that event that includes the date and time sent, recipient email address, and recipient ID is included in the Certificate of Completion.

Envelope Search Results Now Tied to Starting Point (August)

With the implementation of the Envelope Inbox structure, when users search for an envelope, the results depend on where the search starts. Searches started in the Inbox and Sent folder return results from the Inbox or Sent folder plus all folders; searches started in Drafts, Deleted, a specific folder, PowerForms, or Quick View return results only from that folder.

Search for Envelope by Sender Name in the New Experience ()

For parity with the classic experience, users will soon be able to search for a sent envelope by the Sender's name in the new experience.

Search for Template by Sender Name ()

Users will be able to search for templates by the sender's name in addition to the envelope name.

View Templates by Folder ()

For parity with the classic experience, users will soon be able to view templates within a selected folder, as well as select more than one template to be used.

View Form Data (August)

For parity with the classic experience, users will soon be able to view form data in a table, with the ability to download the data controlled by their admins.

Template Matching Dialog Improvements ()

It will be clearer to users which templates are selected for matching.

Bug Fixes

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

  • Users were not able to reassign fields for recipients on a template created in the classic experience when the template was opened in the new experience (MAR-22161).
  • In the new experience, users were unable to add fields to a template after deleting all brands (MAR-21791).
  • Users were required to double-click text boxes before they were able to type in them (MAR-20264).
  • When using bulk send, occasionally one or two envelopes were sent but immediately deleted (TT-448).
  • Date difference formulas were not validating correctly when the formulas were used in templates (TT-412).
  • Template matching status changed from Exclude from template matching to Eligible for template matching after the template was used (TT-298).
  • Some newly created or uploaded templates showed invalid last used dates like 12/31/9999 or 1/1/1000 (TT-14).

Connect HTTP Listener Sunset Reminder

Currently, the DocuSign Signature developer system ( can be configured to make Connect webhook calls to customers’ servers through HTTP or HTTPS connections. The production systems only support HTTPS connections, but in certain situations, customers are able to use HTTP.

HTTP should never be used for sensitive information, including DocuSign Connect notifications.

We will be updating both systems to no longer allow HTTP Connect notifications.

If your Connect listener is currently using HTTP, you must update your server to support HTTPS. Free HTTPS certificates are available from the Let’s Encrypt project. Self-signed certificates are not supported.

These changes also apply to eventNotification Connect webhook listeners.

Summer '17 Update

The June (Summer '17) release adds the setting “Only HTTPS” to the System Updates panel in DocuSign Admin. Activate this setting to ensure that your account is only using HTTPS for Connect and eventNotification webhook subscriptions.

Important dates

June 15, 2017: New accounts on either demo or production systems created after this date will not be able to use HTTP for their Connect listener servers.

February 1, 2018: No account on either demo or production systems will be able to use HTTP. On this date, any system still using HTTP for its Connect listener will stop working.

If you are currently using HTTP for your Connect or eventNotification listeners, we recommend that you update your server to use HTTPS as soon as possible.

Connect Send Individual Messages

The new Connect Send Individual Messages feature ensures that your Connect webhook listener will receive all the Envelope and Recipient notification messages for which your Connect and eventNotification subscriptions are registered. If this feature is not activated, messages are aggregated. Activate this feature on the System Updates panel in DocuSign Admin. This is an account-wide setting.

Important: The System Updates panel was released to DEMO in June, and will be released to production in late June or July.

Bug Fixes

The name-number is the internal DocuSign issue tracking number for the bug. Issue numbers that are in bold text are externally reported bugs or customer commitments.

August '17 Service Pack Notes Bug Fixes

  • In some cases, an attempt to reuse a closed user's membership when they were reactivated failed to reuse the membership; now a new membership is always created (ADMIN-3535).
  • In the New DocuSign Experience, when an administrator tried to share envelopes bi-directionally between two users, the settings were not saved. (ADMIN-3736).
  • In the New DocuSign Experience, Organization Admins received the error message "We had trouble loading your organization users, please try again." (ADMIN-3772)
  • Some users attempting to use TeleSign phone authentication received a Bad Request error before authentication could begin (API-6970).
  • When the same recipient was in signing order 1 and 2 on two separate envelopes, and elected to sign later as recipient 1 in both envelopes, when they returned to sign the first envelope, and chose to sign the next document, the fields did not appear on the second document (SIGN-13712).
  • The "Please wait" message in screen readers was not dismissed in a reasonable amount of time (SIGN-13792).
  • The Adopt a Signature dialog box did not indicate required fields for screen readers (SIGN-13818).
  • In Demo, when a document was replaced in a template and subsequently sent, the document did not load for signing, but the fields applied to the document appeared and were functional (SIGN-14004).
  • When applying a template to a document, only CC roles were applied to the document (TT-21).
  • After clicking the Templates tab, users were unable to leave that page or access or add templates (TT-185).
  • On the Documents page, only the Deleted folder was displayed (TT-280).
  • In the classic experience, when sending a document from DocuSign for Salesforce that included merge fields populated from DfS, an incomplete envelope error occurred (TT-302).
  • In the new experience, templates deleted from the My Templates folder were still appearing in the Shared Templates folder (TT-382).
  • In the new experience, nested folders under My Documents were not showing (TT-451).
  • Users were unable to see a template shared with them when the template was created from an envelope (TT-477).
  • The REST API call to return template custom fields did not return the fields except when called with an individual template (TT-518)

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