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DocuSign April 2019 Update

Released on March 22nd, 2019

New and Updated Features

Sending and Templates

Social Network Accounts No Longer Available for Log-in

Starting with the April 2019 release, customers will no longer be able to log in or ask for authentication with their social network accounts. Instead, they will need to use their DocuSign password with their email address. They will be given the option to reset their password if they don't remember it.

Expanded eNotary Support

DocuSign is expanding support for eNotary into an additional six states and one jurisdiction to allow senders to request notarial acts and to provide Notaries with the ability to host an in-person signing session to perform notarial acts within the U.S.

Support for Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Florida Commissioner of Deeds is now available in addition to the list of supported eNotary states available at

DocuSign eNotary is available in Enterprise Pro plans; eNotary is always free for the Notary hosting the signing session.

Fonts Persist in the Add Fields View

When a user selects a font in the Add Fields view; that font is for any following tags the user includes in the document.

This persistence is only valid for the current session. After the envelope is sent or the user goes back to the prepared page, the following envelope uses the default font that is set in Admin (see Admins Can Set Default Font for the Account).

DocusSign will always use the last font selected in each session with all formatting elements included (font, size, bold, italic, underlined, and color).

Admins Can Set Default Font for the Account

Admins can now set a default font for the account that includes font, size, and color for the fields in the Add Fields view.

Upload Managed Stamp without Cropping

An option in Admin has been added, that allows uploaded managed stamps to be used as-is without any cropping.

Template Page Navigation Change

DocuSign is changing the left side navigation on the Templates page to eliminate confusion as to what Shared with Me means. There is no way to differentiate between templates shared by an individual or those share by a group, which means the Shared with Me folder is inaccurate.

This change redefines "Shared with Me" to mean "Not Owned by Me" so that it correctly reflects its content.

This change is scheduled to start rolling out at the end of March 2019 through April 2019.

Current Behavior

The current behavior is:

  • My Templates – Templates owned by me
  • Shared with Me – Templates shared either individually with me or through a group
  • All Templates – All templates (including the ones I have access to as an admin)
  • Folders – My templates that are in folders
  • Shared Folders - Templates that are shared through the folders in a structured way

DocuSign templates current behavior  picture

New Behavior

The new behavior is:

  • My templates – Owned by me (unchanged)
  • Shared with Me – Not owned by me(all templates excluding templates owned by me)
  • All templates – All templates (unchanged)
  • Folders – Unchanged
  • Shared Folders – Unchanged

DocuSign templates new behavior  picture


Redesigned PowerForms Landing Page Rolling Out for Existing PowerForms

DocuSign has redesigned the PowerForms landing page to adopt the New DocuSign Experience style. The new PowerForm landing page is also responsive for mobile devices.

Previously, this feature was only available for new PowerForms, but DocuSign is now starting to roll it out for existing PowerForms as follows (subject to any unforeseen issues):

  • 10% February 15, 2019 (February 19, 2019 if the release is delayed)
  • 25% March 6, 2019
  • 50% March 20, 2019
  • 100% April 3, 2019


Resize Signatures after Adoption

Signers can now resize their signatures after adopting them.

Contact your account representative to enable this feature for your account.

Crop Uploaded Signatures

Improvements to the cropping functionality for uploaded signatures have been added. Users can now crop their uploaded signatures for more precise signature images.

Contact your account representative to enable this feature for your account.


Scheduled Single Sign-On Certificate Replacement

DocuSign will be doing a scheduled Single Sign-On certificate replacement and simultaneously changing the certificate authority for SAML AuthN requests in the Demo/NA1/NA2/NA3/EU/CA/AU environments. As a result, the certificate will be updated as follows.

The new certificate is now live in both Demo and Production as of February 25, 2019.

The current certificate will expire:

  • Demo: March 25th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST)
  • Production (NA1/NA2/NA3/EU/AU/CA): April 11th, 2019 at 4:00:00 PM (PST)

Some Identity Providers (IdP) will use this certificate to verify DocuSign’s authentication request in SAML. If so, this certificate might be used by the IdP to encrypt the SAML response to DocuSign. Please review your IdP and replace this certificate as needed. Failing to update this certificate could mean that your IdP may not allow a user to log into DocuSign after the dates stated above. This change affects both SSO V1 and V2 customers.

Bug Fixes

Sending and Templates

  • The in-person signing process now prompts hosts to enter their passwords to complete the process to log in before seeing the envelope list (MAR-29193).
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when a user created a template that contained form fields that had label names identical to PDF form fields, and with Data Population Scope set to Envelope, the values did not replicate properly in either the add fields view or signing unless the value was changed in the PDF or the blank value in the template was changed (MAR-27157).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a hard-coded Receives a Copy fax recipient from working with PowerForms (FRM-825).
  • A conditional field's value was displayed using "%22" instead of quotation marks. The problem has been fixed, which was causing confusion for template and envelope creators (MAR-29082).
  • DocuSign has removed the option in the client UI for a user to connect with SFDC under Cloud Storage Preferences in My Preferences because this option is only used for Connect integrations, not in the Upload from Cloud feature when preparing an envelope in the UI (MAR-28906).
  • When using Bulk Send V2, if a template contains the custom data label "Email" for a text field no error was generated when uploading a bulk list. It appeared that bulk envelopes were being prepared and would successfully send per the message displayed after clicking Send. No Envelopes were sent, however, and the customer was not aware unless they checked for successful sends. DocuSign has fixed this issue and now a text field with the data label "Email" can be included (MAR-28484).
  • When creating an envelope with over 200 auto-placed fields, when the user tried to correct the envelope by deleting a page including the fields and then added a new page with new fields, the signer saw duplicated fields. The issue has been fixed. Now, fields that are deleted from the first document are no longer duplicated during signing (MAR-28298).
  • DocuSign used to allow Bulk lists to override locked recipient information. Now, when a sender downloads the sample CSV file, the columns for locked recipients and fields is not shown. Also, when a sender uploads the CSV file, matching for locked recipients and fields is not available. Finally, if the CSV file has columns for locked fields or recipients, that show an error when it can recognize them. If not, a new recipient is created, as is (MAR-26184).


  • DocuSign has  made improvements to the document DPI for signing on mobile devices (SIGN-19693).


  • Templates now remain eligible for matching as long as they have been used within the past 60 days (reduced from 120 days). If an excluded template is used (either manually applied to a document or used to create an envelope) or modified, then the matching state reverts to Eligible and the 60 day countdown restarts (DCMT-2350).

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