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wMobile for GoldMine January 2014 Release

Released on January 15th, 2014

Build 3.02.556

New Features

  • 3291 Add Support in Manager Console "About" for Trial Days Remaining (or on Title Bar)

Defects Fixed

  • 5273 Cannot find table 0 error when activating filter
  • 5279 Year Wrong on Multi-Calendar display
  • 5282 wConsoleManager null reference when Cancel "Importing Email Account"
  • 5294 Cases and Opportunities not removed from wmpc when Addins disabled in Manager Console
  • 5301 Email Folder "Show in wMobile" and "Auto File" are clearing in wMobilePhone edition
  • 5304 Add Edit Sale - Change the lookup icon to be in the same line as the contact text box
  • 5305 Opportunities issues: related items (influencers, product/services etc) do not have the edit icon in the grid view.
  • 5306 Restart components adjustment
  • 5307 disable delete button for a server only button
  • 5308 User "Select All"
  • 5309 View Email in the same window issue - Close window will close the browser tab, instead of redirect to the email center
  • 5310 Complete a task in cases -> go to history and edit the completed task -> exception in rad window
  • 5311 Cases and Opportunities Pending Tab: Schedule drop down does not work
  • 5314 Sync auto file and invisible options
  • 5318 Cannot open filed email attachments
  • 5320 Copy/Move To GM Inbox should not appear when selecting a folder under GoldMine Inbox
  • 5321 Email- sending email to Multiple GoldMine User appears in the grid view from Sent folder as --X-GM-USER-- instead of their names
  • 5322 Alarm selection and simple selection are both checked in case of Suspend and Ignore
  • 5323 Dashboards do not display the list view correctly for All users
  • 5326 Contact Groups - if you insert from GoldMine (CONTGRPS table) some contact groups, desktop does not get them in the groups combo
  • 5329 SQL server password manager console issue

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