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Amazon VPC February 2019 Update

Released on February 25th, 2019

Introducing AWS PrivateLink in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region

You can now use AWS PrivateLink in the AWS GovCloud (US-West) Region. AWS PrivateLink allows you to privately access services hosted on AWS in a highly available and scalable manner, without using public IPs and without requiring the traffic to traverse the internet.

AWS PrivateLink is available in US East (N. Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), US West (N. California), EU (London), EU (Ireland), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Paris), Canada (Central), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), South America (São Paulo) and AWS GovCloud (US-West) Regions. To learn more, view the AWS PrivateLink documentation.

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Now Supports On-Premises Access to File Systems and Supports Access Across AWS VPCs, Accounts, and Regions

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, a service that provides fully-managed native Microsoft Windows file systems, now allows you to access your file systems from on premises via an AWS Direct Connect or AWS VPN connection. Additionally, it now allows you to access your file systems from multiple Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs), AWS accounts, and AWS Regions via VPC Peering or AWS Transit Gateway. 

With on premises access, you can easily migrate your on premises data sets to Amazon FSx, use Amazon FSx for hosting user shares accessible by on premises end-users, and use Amazon FSx for backup and disaster recovery solutions. With inter-VPC, inter-account, and inter-Region access, you can share your file data sets across multiple applications, internal organizations, or environments spanning multiple VPCs, accounts, or Regions. 

These new access capabilities are now available at no additional cost for all new file systems in all regions where Amazon FSx is available. You will be billed for any Direct Connect, VPN, or VPC Peering connections, or any Transit Gateway attachments that you create, as well as associated data transfer fees. To learn more about Amazon FSx for Windows File Server visit here. To learn more about the new access capabilities visit here.

Inter-Region VPC Peering is Now Available in AWS GovCloud (US) Regions

Starting today, Inter-Region Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Peering can now be setup between the AWS US Govcloud (US) Regions: AWS GovCloud (US-Gov-West) and AWS GovCloud (US-Gov-East).

Inter-Region VPC Peering allows VPC resources, such as Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon RDS databases, and AWS Lambda functions, to communicate with each other while running in different AWS Region. Since Inter-Region VPC Peering uses private IP addresses, it does not require gateways, VPN connections, or a separate physical hardware. It provides a simple and cost-effective way to share resources between regions and replicate data for geographic redundancy. Built on the same horizontally-scaled, redundant, and highly-available technology that powers Amazon VPCs, Inter-Region VPC Peering encrypts inter-region traffic with no single point of failure or bandwidth bottleneck. Traffic using Inter-Region VPC Peering always stays on the AWS global network and never traverses the public internet, thereby reducing threat vectors, such as common exploits and DDoS attacks.

Data transferred across Inter-Region VPC Peering connections is charged at the standard inter-region data transfer rates.

For more information, see the documentation on Amazon VPC peering.

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