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Amazon QuickSight June 2020 Update

Released on June 30th, 2020

Amazon QuickSight Launches Histogram, New Languages, and Cross Region APIs

Amazon QuickSight now includes Histogram as a new chart type. Histogram allows you to categorize/bin data points within defined ranges of a metric and visualize the distribution of specific metrics. QuickSight supports this categorization by interval size or number of bins. For example, for retail businesses, you can visually categorize products based on the range of customer satisfaction scores to analyze improvements over time. Learn here about Histograms.

Amazon Quicksight is now available in five new languages - Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, and Danish. With this, QuicKSight now supports 14 languages in total. You can switch between these languages from the language switcher from the user menu from the top navigation bar which changes the language on the console. Learn more about languages available.  

Also, you can now transfer data sources templates across different regions available within QuickSight. With this, you can replicate data sources and templates from one region to another. This is helpful when you have to migrate these assets to new regions QuickSight is available in or if you build test dashboards in one region and move these to production in another region. Learn more about cross region APIs.  

These two features are available in 11 QuickSight regions globally, US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Frankfurt, Ireland and London), and Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo).

Amazon Quicksight Now Supports Lake Formation–Protected Athena Data Sources

QuickSight users can now visualize their Lake Formation–protected Athena data, natively using the benefits that come with Lake Formation, including table and column-level access controls. Athena is already a popular choice for storing data because of its serverless model, and Lake Formation makes it even easier to manage access and permissions as part of a data lake. With QuickSight’s Lake Formation integration, that ease of management now extends all the way through your analytics layer, keeping all your access-management centralized. 

All you do is connect your QuickSight account to Athena, and select the Lake Formation–protected database you want to access. Now you can start managing both table and column-level access for your QuickSight users directly from Lake Formation. 

For more about QuickSight, visit this page.
For more about Lake Formation, visit this page.
For more about Athena, visit this page.

QuickSight’s Lake Formation integration is available for Enterprise Edition customers today in the three US QuickSight regions: US East (Ohio and N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon). Additional regions will be added soon.

Amazon QuickSight Now Available in Asia Pacific (Mumbai) Region

Amazon QuickSight is now available in the Asia Pacific (Mumbai) region. New users can sign up for QuickSight with Asia Pacific (Mumbai) as their home region, making SPICE capacity available in region and ensuring proximity to AWS and on-premises data sources. Existing QuickSight users can switch to Asia Pacific (Mumbai) via the region switcher in the User Interface to provision SPICE capacity, and to enable faster and cheaper connectivity to data sources in this region.

With this launch, QuickSight is now available in 11 regions globally, US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), EU (Frankfurt, Ireland and London), and Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo).  

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