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Act-On: RIR For Sugar, Dynamics and SalesForce

Released on August 30th, 2014

Revenue Impact Report for MS Dynamics and SugarCRM.
Report on lead and opportunity generation by lead source, and Opportunities by CRM campaign. 

For Act-On accounts connected to Salesforce, MS Dynamics and Sugar, The Revenue Impact Report gives you a dashboard view of the revenue performance your lead sources, campaigns, and campaign types. The Revenue Impact Report reports on three main areas of your revenue generation process: New Leads, New Opportunities created and Wins.
The original version of the report was only available to Salesforce users. Now, the Revenue Impact Report has been updated to run off of the Act-on CRM data layer rather than the original Salesforce-specific implementation. As a result, this report is now also available to MS Dynamics and Sugar connected accounts once you sync your CRM data at least once under Reports > CRM Admin. To ensure that your data is kept up-to-date in this report please go to CRM Admin and schedule the importation of your CRM data then hit update. In the CRM Admin page, all of the fields required for the Revenue Impact Report to function properly are selected by default.
Salesforce users notes:
For Salesforce users, the Revenue Impact Report is now also pulling its data from the Act-On CRM data layer. For the report to work, you no longer need to manage the Salesforce Opportunities list in Contacts > Account List. And the report no longer uses the All-Leads All-Contacts Marketing lists. This will improve performance and data consistency. Salesforce users who have not synced their CRM data yet using Reports > CRM Admin will still get the old version of the report.
Salesforce users will see a few changes to the report, mostly minor:

  1. All open opportunities will show up in the report for the present period -- this ensures that all your open opportunity pipeline is displayed even if opportunity close dates have been set for the future, or not set at all. 
  2. The new version of the report no longer has a refresh button. Refreshing of data will be managed on the CRM Admin page on a scheduled basis.
  3. There was an issue with the old report where it was not properly respecting the timezone. This issue has been fixed in the new report.

The only remaining function of the Opportunities list in Contacts > Account Lists is for list segmentation on Opportunity data -- which will move over the CRM data layer in a future release. 

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