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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for September 30, 2016

Released on September 30th, 2016


Menu on Top and Skins options retired

Cleaner interface and more uniform navigation

When Act-On was first introduced, the navigation menu was on top by default. In order to ease transition to the new interface, the option was created to move the menu back to the top. This has caused issues when making changes per customers’ requests so in order to clean up the navigation and maintain quicker updates, this feature has been removed from the Profile menu.

Also under the Profile menu, the option to change the color theme of the Act-On platform through the Skins feature has been retired. This is being removed in favor of more powerful branding options in the future.


Data Studio: Google Drive added as export destination

New destination for existing export file formats

Based on popular demand, Data Studio now supports Google Drive as a destination to deliver exports to. Now all the existing export file formats (CSV, CSV.GZ, CSV.ZIP, XLSX) can be delivered to a Google Drive account, either on-demand or based on a schedule. Access of a Google Drive account is achieved via granting permission to Data Studio.

Data Studio: Form views fixed to include all known visitors

Known visitors and visitors obtained from email link populate form views

Previously, Data Studio didn't populate contact profile data for Form Views regardless of whether the visitor viewing the form was known or anonymous. This has been corrected to include forms views for known visitors and form views for visitors who came through an email link containing an encoded rec id. Anonymous visitors will continue to generate blank values.

Data Studio: Export contacts with past behavior that were deleted

Include profile info for records deleted before the export was generated

Data Studio now supports stitching contact profile data from lists wherein the contacts were deleted from the list at the time of exporting a report, but had completed the behavior specified in the report. In the past, contact profile attributes would appear as blank values if the contact was removed from a list prior to export generation.

Trigger send over time/send in time zone messages via API

More API control over when messages are sent

Two new parameters, send over time and send in time zone, have been added to the send and resend message API. For sending to a recipient over a period of time, use the parameter whenend, which is set in milliseconds. For sending in a recipient’s time zone, use the parameter timezone, which is set by a string timezone name (i.e. "America/Los_Angeles"). Any contacts that do not have address information will be sent the message in your default time zone. Please visit the API documentation for more information, including the values accepted for timezone.

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