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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for September 24, 2019

Released on September 24th, 2019

New Features

Left Navigation Bar Color Scheme Picker in Profile Menu

Customers can now choose whether to have the black/white or grey/grey color scheme for their left navigation bar.

Act-On color scheme feature screenshot


Add Alert When Auto-Save Disabled Due to Logging Out

When a customer is editing an email and then switches to the main Act-On tab and signs out, the auto-save functionality is disabled. There is now an alert message that tells the customer that auto-save for the Email Composer is disabled because they have signed out.

Act-On alert

Bug Fixes

Resolved Salesforce Connector Message Error

There are two error messages which can be shown for the Salesforce connector: one indicates that credentials are invalid; one indicates that a user has changed salesforce organizations. These error messages were not being shown to the user correctly. This issue has been resolved.

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