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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for September 2, 2016

Released on September 2nd, 2016


Menu on Top and Skins options retirement postponed to Sept. 29 release

Cleaner interface and more uniform navigation

To allow additional time for users with the top navigation menu to adjust to the side menu interface, the retirement of Menu on Top option has been postponed. The Menu on Top feature was created to ease the transition to the new side menu interface, but this has caused issues when making improvements to Act-On. In order to clean up the navigation and maintain quicker updates, this feature will now be removed from the Profile menu on Sept. 29.

Also under the Profile menu, the option to change the color theme of the Act-On platform through the Skins feature will be removed in the Sept. 29 release. This is being removed in favor of more powerful branding options in the future.


New templates Added to the Content Catalog

Fifteen new email and landing page templates

Recently, Act-On added nine email templates and six landing page templates to the Content Catalog. The new email templates will help you get started with layouts for promotion of events, special offers and announcements. The new landing page templates provide help getting started with gated content, product showcase and event pages.


View Entire Contents of a List in CRM Administration

Complete accounts and opportunities lists vs top 100 records

Previously, we only allowed a preview of the first 100 records of a list in CRM Administration. To help with CRM model segmentation (among other uses), users can now view the entire contents of their accounts and opportunities lists. The new lists include a paginated view, similar to the marketing lists, and have the option to select how many records per page at the bottom left of the list.


Data Studio: Export Fields and Downloadable File Option Added

New field options

In order to help our customers pull that data that they need, users can now add a target recipient's "List or Segment ID" and "List or Segment Name" as a new Message data set field. Additionally, a new built-in calculated / custom field "Consolidated E-mail Address" has been added to the message data set. This field will correctly populate the email address for different action types (e.g. SENT, OPENED, CLICKED, OPT_OUT, SPAM, HARD_BOUNCE, SOFT_BOUNCE, etc). In the past, the actual e-mail address for every Message data set event was available in different fields (e.g. Recipient E-mail for SENT; Bounce (or Spam) E-mail for SPAM, HARD_BOUNCE, SOFT_BOUNCE; and Opt Out E-mail for “OPT_OUT”, etc) making it difficult to consume in a BI tool.


Support for XLSX output

Previously, the available downloadable file options for exports and packages were only for CSV (and compressed variants CSG GZ and CSV ZIP). Now under the Delivery step in Data Studio, all accounts have the option to export the file as a XLSX. Along with this, a predefined set of stock XLSX templates are provided (blank, default, striped) to configure the appearance of the styled XLSX output. Similar to CSV, XLSX files can be included as an attachment in the optional alert notification sent when an export (or package) generation completes.

Please note: XLSX output is limited to 10,000 rows of data only (unlike CSV where there is no limit to the size). Data payloads larger than this limit will be truncated.


Create A Folder via API

Create new folder when adding assets

Now you can create a new folder when using the API to post Images, Media, Media Links and Lists. Please note that in cases where the foldername doesn't already exist it will get created, but the user will need to use "Manage Folders" to show it in the interface. If the folder already exists, the file will be placed in that folder, rather than creating another one. If the folder is not identified, the asset will post to the Default Folder. For more detailed information, visit the API documentation for:
- Add Media
- Add Media Link
- Add Image
- Create List

Add an Account User Using Act-On API

Utilize API to define new users and privileges

As a part of further expanding Act-On’s API, you can now add account users via the endpoint POST Using this endpoint, you can create one or many users with single API call, as well as set the user type (marketing or sales) and privileges. For more detailed information, visit the API documentation.

Scoring Rules Picker Now Returns Email Templates in Search

Search for email templates to score

Previously, only sent messages could be retrieved when searching to apply scoring rules. Now when adding a message for scoring, all email templates will also appear when using the search feature in the Scoring Rules picker.

Specific Message Titles for Act-On Anywhere Messages

Distinguish Act-On Anywhere messages from the rest

When sending Act-On Anywhere messages, sent reports would show the subject line as the message title in the Outbound > Sent listing, making it difficult to distinguish messages that use the same subject line. To make it easier to identify in the Sent list, messages from Act-On Anywhere will be labeled as “AOA: -”. In the case of multiple recipients, only the first email will be part of message title.

Branding URLs Updated

More logical branding urls

With this change, Branding URLs will become /branding/tab/[tab name], ie ng-ui/branding/tab/signatures, as opposed to treating each tab like a separate feature, ie ng-ui/branding/signatures. Any bookmarks to these pages will need to be updated. All other URLs should work as they currently do.

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