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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for September 10, 2015

Released on September 10th, 2015


Contact color coding updated in Website Prospector BETA
Get a quick glimpse at your contacts’ status with Act-On’s color coding

Previous in the Website Prospector, Act-On showed colors for contacts that correlated with Prospects Assigned to Sales (Blue), Prospects in Active Opportunities (Green) and Existing Contacts assigned to Sales (Purple). To maintain consistency, we have now updated these colors to match their previous definitions in Website Prospector BETA.

Send messages based on Subscription Management with new API endpoint

Quickly target contacts according to their subscription category

Giving you more options of how to segment your email messages, the Send Message API endpoints for sending/resending messages now enables the API to honor subscription categories.

Just use the following:
POST /api/1/message/{id}/send* - To send a message based on specific category
PUT /api/1/message/{id}/send* - To resend a previous message based on specific category

More functionality with on demand export generation period

Convenience in submitting on demand exports

When submitting a request for an on demand report, the time period selection is “remembered” (for a day in your browser session) across runs and across exports. This is especially convenient when customers iterate on a single export design and need to rerun for the same period OR if they need to manually run a series of disjoint exports for the same time period.

Build exports and reports that span multiple accounts in Data Studio

Quicker reporting for cross account agencies via a single export definition

Agency accounts can now log in to their master account within Data Studio and generate a consolidated report across child accounts (as illustrated). This will be available to all agency accounts that are enabled for Data Studio.

Also, two additional fields will be added to the builder wizard (when logged in to a master account). These fields can be used to generate a grouped export or a detail export with additional context (i.e. the account in question) to help separate data rows.

Inclusive filters (for messages, landing pages, webinars, forms, ) are disabled for any export that doesn’t exclusively report against the master account that is currently logged in to. For example, with the account selection per the screenshot above (with 4 selected accounts), a disclaimer appears as follows:

Updates to LinkedIn API in 2 weeks removes access to groups

Make adjustments to your LinkedIn reporting and sharing for groups

LinkedIn has recently made changes to their open API platform, which prohibit access to LinkedIn Groups. As a result, Act-On's Social Publish feature will no longer be able to include the option to publish to groups, and groups can no longer be accessed via the connector.

This change will be effective as part of our scheduled software update on September 24th. Any existing posts scheduled to go out after that date will not publish to groups, but will publish to any other selected channels.

No other functionality will be affected, and users will continue to be able to publish to LinkedIn profiles and company pages as usual. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, please post in the box below. (last sentence intended for external since it will be a community post)

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