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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for October 9, 2015

Released on October 9th, 2015


Email alerts of automated program errors
React promptly with notification of automated program fails

Helping manage automated programs, Act-On has added an alert email that will notify the program creator when there is an error that forces a running program to stop. The email will include the reason for the error and a link to the automated program, allowing users to quickly make changes and get their programs back up and running.

If you prefer to not receive these notifications, please contact your CSM to disable this feature.

Automated Programs now available in Data Studio
Get in-depth data for your automated programs

Now you can export data at a detailed level for single and grouped Automated Programs through Data Studio. This will allow you to quickly view other tables within Data Studio and see which automated programs were used to drive marketing activity. As a result of Automated Programs being added to Data Studio, there are two new fields, AP ID and AP Name, in the data output. 

Make Landing Page from Email Composer is back
Quickly convert messages into Landing Pages

The popular feature to convert an email message to a landing page has been added in correlation with the new Landing Page Composer. To access this feature, simply click the drop-down on email that you want to convert and select Make Landing Page. This feature is only available for customers using the new Landing Page Composer BETA.

Border options added to column and row settings
Simple border settings for a more efficient workflow

Now in the Landing Page Composer BETA, you have the ability to add a border and adjust the settings quickly through Edit Column Settings and Edit Row Settings modules. Adjust the radius, style, color and thickness with ease and view your changes instantly in the preview window.

RSS block added to Landing Page Composer BETA
Streamline RSS communications into your Landing Pages

Pull in your RSS feed through the new RSS Content block available in the New Landing Page Composer BETA. Your RSS feed will update with refreshed content the first time the page is visited. It will update again on the first page visit 3 hours after the last refresh occurred.

See From and Subject lines in Message Previews
Get the full preview of messages in the Review tab

Now when checking your message in the Review tab, you can also view a preview of the From and Subject lines. This includes any personalized fields that are included within them.


LinkedIn tab removed from Competitors
LinkedIn API changes Competitor reporting

Due to recent changes to LinkedIn's API, LinkedIn is no longer allowing the ability to pull information for Company pages unless you are an admin for that company's page. To adjust for this change, Act-On will remove the LinkedIn tab from Competitors.

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