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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for October 14, 2016

Released on October 14th, 2016


Headers added for external API step in Automated Programs

Authenticate tokens during external API call

Now within the External API step of automated programs, you have the option to add multiple HTTP Header key and value pairs. This may be important when posting data to clients and servers that are expecting certain header values to be present for authentication or other uses. This expands the External API step to communicate with more external sources tied to marketing campaigns in Act-On.


Landing Page report lists now truncated

Faster loading time and list viewing

Previously when loading individual details, such as total clicks or visitors, from the Activity Report for landing pages, the whole list would load regardless of size. Now when the list loads, it will be truncated to the first 200 results. To view the rest of the list, simply download the report.

New preview clients added to Litmus Test for Messages

Updated Outlook for Mac and iOS versions available

To stay in alignment with the clients available in Litmus, we have added the following clients to the Litmus message preview in Act-On:

  • Outlook 2016 for Mac
  • iPhone 6s Plus iOS 9
  • iPhone 6s iOS 9
  • iPad (retina) iOS 9

Also within this update, we are removing the outdated iPhone previews for iPhone 5s (iOS 7) and iPhone 5s (iOS 8).


Media Library previews removed from report

More accurate media asset reporting

Previously when previewing a file from the Media Library would be counted as visits in the media library report. This would return inaccurate counts when trying to view customer views only for a media file. Now the media library report has been updated to no longer count the previews as visits.

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