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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for November 6, 2015

Released on November 6th, 2015

New Features

Multiple Score Sheets now available for Enterprise accounts
Distinguish leads by several different segments using multiple score sheets

Multiple Scoring Rules will allow you to create up to 4 additional scoring sheets in addition to your default score sheet that can be used to expand your current scoring model. You can customize your lead scoring rules for different teams, regions/geography, products/divisions, customers vs prospects, or any other segmentation of your marketing efforts. Just simply click the + icon at the top of the window to create a new sheet. This is currently only available for Enterprise customers. Click here for a step-by-step guide on creating Multiple Scoring Rules.

DIV added to Format drop-down for TinyMCE
Eliminate unnecessary spacing with new DIV format tag

By default, the Rich Text editor in the Email Composer uses a Paragraph format, which creates a margin above and below your email. In order to easily remove this, Act-On has added DIV to the Format drop-down that will eliminate this extra spacing. You may selectively choose the format for different areas by highlighting the content you want to change and selecting an option from the Format drop-down.

Login link added to approval emails
Quickly approve messages via link in the approval email

Giving customers a more rapid ability to approve emails, the link to login and view a message awaiting approval will now be included in the approval email.

Yahoo and Apple mail added to Litmus review
Confirm that your message appears correctly for more email clients

In order to provide the ability to preview your emails in the most widely used email clients, Act-On has added Apple Mail 7 & 8, as well as Yahoo Mail for Chrome, Explorer and Firefox to the Litmus Test under the Review tab. In addition, we have removed the outdated email clients for Outlook 2000 & 2002.

Border options now available for Button block
Adjust border style for buttons in New Landing Page Composer

Now you have the capability to edit the border style for the Button block in the new Landing Page Composer. Easily decide the border color, hover color and thickness of your button, but be sure not to enter a number higher than 30 for the thickness.

Lock top section when scrolling through landing page
Keep your most important content visible when scrolling

Many of the more modern websites out today have a menu or “banner” that will stay at the top of a web page when scrolling through. Now you have this option in the new Landing Page composer with one click! If you would like to have your top section stay fixed to the top when scrolling, just toggle on the Lock Top Section option under Page Properties.

Link Validation available in new Landing Page Composer
Easily check that Landing Page links are working properly

Similar to the Email Composer, you now have the ability to quickly check that all of the links in your landing pages properly connect to their destinations under the Design Tab.

Prefill option added for forms linked to Button and Image blocks
Simplify the effort for previous visitors when filling out forms

Similar to the option available for the Inline Form block you can now easily choose to prefill a form that is linked to an image or button. This is to ensure consistency throughout the new Landing Page Composer.

Classic Website Prospector to be retired
Only two weeks left to familiarize yourself with the new Website Prospector

Act-On has reached the point where it’s time to remove the classic version of the Website Prospector. After November 20th, the Classic Website Prospector will be completely removed from the menu. Please begin familiarizing yourself with the new Website Prospector to ease the transition. 

Please Note: If comparing the number of Anonymous Visitors and Companies between the Classic and New Website Prospector, you will notice a difference. This is due to the fact that Act-On has improved the formula for calculating these counts.

Classic Website Prospector

Anonymous Prospects = count of anonymous individual visitors by unique cookie
Companies = count of companies and ISPs anonymous visitors


New Website Prospector 

Anonymous Prospects count of companies and ISPs anonymous visitors. Identical to the “Companies” data of the classic Website Prospector
Companies = count of companies’ (non-ISPs) anonymous visitors + count of known visitors

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