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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for November 6, 2014

Released on November 6th, 2014

New Features

New Email Composer Beta: Draft Mode
Create and deliver responsive emails faster

Act-On’s new email composer has arrived! Act-On took a hard look at our classic email composer and revamped the entire email authoring experience. The key benefits of the new email composer are:

  • Responsive design to support mobile devices
  • Ease of content creation using drag and drop functionality
  • Better control of layout & styling using CSS
  • Improved content testing with spam and spell checking

In addition, you’ll notice that we’ve cleaned up the interface a bit. Specifically, the composer opens in a new tab which makes it easy to work on multiple drafts at the same time, the “save” button is always available and sending a test message is always available regardless of your current step.

All accounts will have access to both the classic and the new composers and the new composer can only be accessed in “OUTBOUND” -> “DRAFTS” -> “+ New Message” -> “Use New Composer”.

We have several support articles to help you get started using the new composer.

Since the new email composer is still a Beta feature, we welcome, encourage and appreciate any and all feedback you can share with us.



SEO Audit Report Format Update
View and share easy-to-read SEO audit reports via the web or email

We’ve updated our SEO audit report so that it is more easily read by viewers. The updated report now opens in a new tab which allows users to have multiple audits open at the same time. This is very useful if you’re auditing the same page using different keywords or if you’re auditing multiple pages using the same keyword. In addition, each report now includes the Optimizer Score which provides a value (out of 100) of how well your pages are optimized for your chosen keyword. This helps you know, at a glance, if you need to do further work in optimizing your page for search engines. Lastly, we’ve added a few finishing touches like larger icons, an icon legend, and moved the report actions into a strip above the report which helps readers digest the report more easily.


Website Visitor Tracking is now the Website Prospector
The Website Prospector has been given distinct name which more accurately describes the its value

The new report name can be found in Inbound -> Website Prospector and in Inbound -> Website Prospectorbeta. Instances of the old name will be gradually phased out in other integration areas such as CRMs. The report located in Reports -> Website Visitors, will continue to have its current name.

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