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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for November 20, 2015

Released on November 20th, 2015

New Features

Classic Website Prospector retired
Improved functionality and reporting in the new Website Prospector

It is time we bid farewell to the Classic version of the Website Prospector in Act-On. We’ve shared many great leads from the Classic Prospector, but with the ushering in of the new Website Prospector you can expect more useful tools such as additional filters, alerts and more.

New interface and functionality for Email Template and Draft listings
Quickly organize and edit Email Templates and Drafts with revamped listing

Act-On has completely updated the Email Template and Draft listings with a more modern look and some new features you’ve been wanting:

Drag and drop into folders
Sort your email templates or drafts into the proper folders with ease.

Multiple selection
Want to select, move and delete multiple templates or drafts? Now all you have to do to select multiple templates or drafts is press Ctrl+click. To deselect, simply click a selection again. To delete, just click backspace.

Folder naming and sorting
Now the ability to create folders and sort folders is built into the new interface for a quicker workflow. To create a new folder, simply click the + icon above your list. To rename a folder and delete, simply double click the folder you want to change. Please note that your Default, Favorites and Search folders cannot be renamed. To move any folder for sorting purposes, simply click and drag the folder to its desired position.

Push to Salesforce available for Automated Programs
Create highly qualified leads and perform related tasks in Salesforce

With the new Create in CRM step, you can combine your efforts in automated programs with Salesforce. This new step allows you to easily add new prospects and assign them to an owner, push members to a desired Salesforce campaign and create tasks, activities, events, notes and opportunities for the sales team to follow up on. If you would like have this feature activated, please contact your CSM.


Join or stitch datasets together into one table in Data Studio
Merge datasets for complete overview of related data 

In Data Studio’s export settings, you will now find the Combine tab which allows you to define how data should be merged (either as separate files or one merged csv using mapping properties). This may be useful when comparing or combining multiple datasets for campaigns. Once you have merged the data, Data Studio will create a field that tells you where each entry came from, as well as takes extra care in mapping the correct field, such as email address, for each table. 

View a step-by-step guide of how to use this feature.


API endpoint added to download email content
Employ existing templates and emails for new messages

When sending messages via API endpoints, you now have the ability to download the HTML from draft messages, sent messages and templates for use with new messages. This will also allow you to preview the message for review before sending.

The new endpoints and what they accomplish are:

  • Return sent/draft messages and template IDs: /acton/publicapi/1/message/{MSGID}
  • Return the personalized HTML of a message for the given recipient ID: /acton/publicapi/1/message/{MSGID}/{RECID}

Automated Program and Form sync to Salesforce updated
More flexibility in how your data is pushed to Salesforce

To help capture data correctly for different campaigns, you now have the option to allow a form submit to always be pushed as a new lead into Salesforce, even when there is already an existing record. This new checkbox can be found at the bottom of the Signups to Salesforce section of your form. Also, under the selection to overwrite existing data, you now have the option to update only blank fields. 

Please Note: Similar to the image below, the option to push all submissions as a new record has been reordered to the bottom of the MS Dynamics settings, but no functionality has changed.

PGP encryption for FTP uploads 
Transfer your list files with added authentication security

Within the FTP connector settings, you can now add PGP encryption when transferring your files. With PGP enabled, a private key will be used for all files transferred for that account. If a file fails decryption, either by virtue of being unencrypted or encrypted by a non-matching public key, an error message will be displayed to inform the recipient and the file will not be opened. Keep in mind that once the FTP encryption is activated, it will also apply to previous FTP uploads.

Link Target option added to button and image blocks
Easily define how your links to your buttons and images open 

Within the new Landing Page Composer, an option has been added to the Image block and Button block to select whether the Link Target should open in a new window or within the same window.

Scoring Rules selection added to Funnel reporting
Easily select the scoring criteria for your funnel reports

Now that Multiple Scoring Rules are available for Enterprise accounts, you may want to quickly view how different scoring segments are moving through your marketing funnels. To meet this need, Act-On has added an additional drop-down menu under Criteria in the Stages tab to select which scoring sheet you would like to reference when creating a funnel report.

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