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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for November 12, 2019

Released on November 12th, 2019


Add Warning Message When Adaptive Send Start Date is Today

If you select today as the start of an Adaptive Send email request we'll warn you to set the start date to tomorrow (at least) to allow for Adaptive Send pre-processing.

Bug Fixes

Various User Interface Issues Resolved for Contact Report

  • Page View events on the Timeline will display both the page name if configured and the complete URL if the page name does not exist. An additional hover state will display the complete URL when a page name has been assigned.
  • Timeline entries are no longer restricted to a certain horizontal width and are no longer truncated.
  • Timeline filters are now indicate which categories lack behaviors for the contact and provide easier All/None toggling.
  • Resolved issue with reloading items on the Associations tab.
  • Resolved issue with Scoring tab extending beyond the window width.
  • Wrapping added to Contact and Account names for better visibility

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