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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for May 3, 2017

Released on April 3rd, 2017


Classic Marketing Calendar retired

The classic version of the Marketing Calendar is officially being retired and replaced with the Marketing Calendar beta within Act-On for all users. Subsequently, the toggle switch for the Marketing Calendar beta has been removed from Labs.

AccountCustom Personalization Fields removed from Labs

The AccountCustom Personalization Fields feature has been removed from Labs and is officially available within Act-On for all customers. As a reminder, this feature allows users to set up a static text value within Custom Account Settings (located in Settings > Other Settings) that can be inserted anywhere personalization is allowed. Changing the value in the settings will update it throughout all of the content the value is present.

An example where this may be useful is changing a copyright value from 2016 to 2017 without having to go into each piece of content to make this change.


Image Library refreshed with updated list interface

As part of the ongoing refinement of the Image Library, the list has been updated to the most recent standard within the application.

The refreshed listing includes:

  • A contextual menu on hover that includes a single-click preview
  • Multi-select images (Ctrl+click)
  • Delete multi-selection (Backspace)
  • Drag and drop interface for sorting folders and moving images between folders

The streamlined single-click preview of the images in the library lays the foundation for Act-On to introduce a more powerful thumbnail preview into the library in an upcoming release.

Increased predictability for Campaign assets

Previously, any message that was replaced or removed from a program within a campaign was no longer included in the dashboard and reports for that campaign. With this latest release, any changes to a program will still be accounted for in the campaign reporting.

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