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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for March 31, 2016

Released on March 31st, 2016

'Save as Draft' renamed to ‘Save a Copy to Drafts’ in Message Composer
Understand the differences between Save options

The ‘Save as Draft’ option has been renamed to ‘Save a Copy to Drafts’ in the Message Composer to better communicate what is happening. When selecting ‘Save a Copy to Drafts’, all message components will be retained except for the Recipient and Suppression Lists. The thought behind this is that the lists are a part of the launch for that specific message so they should not be included. The ‘Save’ option retains the lists because they are associated with that specific message launch.

Data Studio: Support for exporting Profile Data
Push any list or segment to customer

Improving the customer experience, now any list or segment (either full or partial columns) can be pushed to an account rather than using API to pull a list. In addition, you can either push the entire list or the delta (rows modified after or created after) since the last export run.

The data can be pushed seamlessly to one of three destination types (SFTP, Amazon S3 or Azure Storage) or compressed, if desired. If the export is scheduled to run on a recurring basis, it can be conveniently configured to push deltas only.

The last benefit of this robust feature is the ability to schedule the profile data push for specified intraday times based on the account's time zone. This allows the ability to know when the latest data is available. The only requirement is that each specified time must be 3 hours apart.

Data Studio: Azure Storage destination redefined
Update Azure Storage to support Blobs

In order to support more of Microsoft Azure’s Storage options, the Azure destination has been retooled to support Blobs. Azure Storage will also continue to support Files as well.

Selective listing fields with new API parameter
Reduce data load by selecting the precise fields needed

Previously when retrieving list data through an API, all fields would be returned causing a considerable data load , especially for larger lists. With the new API call fields=< >, only the fields wanted will be returned to minimize the data load. Keep in mind that the Field names are case-sensitive, and must be entered as they appear in the list, e.g. fields=_modified_date;_created_date;Last%20Name;First%20Name

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