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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for March 3, 2016

Released on March 3rd, 2016

New GeoIP fields available in Data Studio
Know more about location of known and anonymous visitors

When exporting detailed or grouped reports, Data Studio now has additional fields to include the GeoIP data of known and anonymous visitors. Data Studio can report the company or ISP name, city, state, country name, latitude, and longitude based on the IP of the visit. Additionally, an Organizational Type field has been added to distinguish whether the company identified is the name of the company or their ISP.


Twitter data removed from Competitors’ Blog/YouTube tabs
Changes in Twitter API removes ability to collect specific data

Due to a change in Twitter’s API access, the ability to return Twitter data for Blogs and YouTube has been limited. To provide only the most accurate data, Act-On has decided to remove these fields from the Competitor’s page for Blogs and YouTube until a better solution is available.

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