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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for March 20, 2015

Released on March 20th, 2015

New Features

Send Email Campaigns at the Same Time in Every Time Zone
Schedule email campaigns so that they sent at the same time in each time zone

Available in the new composer only, email marketers now have the ability to choose to send emails, at a scheduled time, in each recipient’s time zone.

Act-On determines the time zone of each recipient by looking at a wide variety of information - the recipient's postal code, phone number, address, or other identifying information.

Act-On provides an option to set contacts’ time zone using list maintenance programs. The process for setting the time zone with a list maintenance program is as follows:

1) Verify time zone data exists and is properly formatted in your lists.
If your lists don't have time zone data in them, then you will need to add it. (The correct format to use is the time zone column, “TZ”, shown in this Wikipedia entry.)

2) Add properly formatted time zone data to your lists.
The process for adding is simple. Open your list, and in the more menu, choose "Change List Columns". Add a column named "Time Zone". (If you have a time zone column in your list, skip to step #3.)

3) Tell Act-On which column in your lists represents time zone.
Open your list, and in the more menu, choose "Identify List Columns". Make sure Contact's time zone has been mapped to your time zone column. (If you have a time zone column, and it's already been identified as the time zone column, skip to step 4.)

4) Set up a list maintenance program.
Find your list in the listing. Choose Maintenance & then Setup List Maintenance program. Make sure your list maintenance program has a "Change Field Step" where the time zone is set. This maintenance program will look at phone numbers, zip codes, and mailing addresses in the same list to set the time zone when a value doesn’t exist in the time zone field.

If a particular send has recipients in all time zones, the (time zone) launch can take up to 24 hours to complete. Because of this, once you schedule a time zone launch, it will figure out when emails need to start sending, and then show up in the Sent Message Listing. If a recipient does not have a time zone associated with it or the time zone value is improperly formatted, then the email is sent using the default time zone specified when launching the message.

Time zone (and launch over time) sends have a different icon (an hourglass with a green arrow) in the Sent Message list view while they are sending mail (they will have the normal icon after they complete sending). To stop a time zone launch, you can hover over the send in the list view to access a menu. For an ongoing launch, the “delete” menu item is replaced with a “Stop Launch” button.

This enhancement is disabled by default. If you would like to use it, please contact your CSM to have it enabled in your account. Please keep in mind that this enhancement is only available with the new email composer.

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