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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for March 19, 2019

Released on March 19th, 2019


"Loading" Modal Message Added to Forms Editor

There is now a "please wait while we load your forms list" modal message which appears for accounts with a large number of Forms.


Non-Consumer Email Account Validation Issues

Previously, email account validations were not correctly being applied when mixed case or upper case characters were being used. This is now fixed.

Incorrect Error Message for the "Get List of Forms" API Endpoint

Previously, if no forms existed for an account, the "Get list of forms" API endpoint would issue an incorrect error message. The correct error message ("Could not find any forms") is now in place.

The Landing Pages Maps Block Icon Does not Load in the Landing Page Composer Design Tab

The Maps block in the Landing Page Composer was appearing as a blank icon. The correct icon now loads in this location.

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