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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for March 17, 2016

Released on March 17th, 2016

New Slideshow block added to Landing Page Composer
Create modern looking slideshows with ease

The addition of the Slideshow block is the continued effort to bring the tools customers want in the new Landing Page Composer. Within the Slideshow block, up to five images can be included that can be modified by different transition animation and duration between slides. The default height will be determined by the first image selected so it is recommended to use images that are all the same size. If the order of the images isn’t quite right, simply drag the images in the editor to reorder. Additionally, the ability to show/hide slide indicators and navigational arrows is available.

Save and Close option added to Message & Landing Page Composer
Save and Close in one click

Meeting more requests from the customer, Act-On has added a Save & Close option to the Email and Landing Page Composer. This eliminates the time of having to click Save and then Close when done editing, as well as the prompt that any unsaved changes will be lost.

Data Studio: Azure File Storage/Amazon S3 added to Destinations
Directly export datasets to Azure and Amazon S3

To set up a new destination, select Azure or Amazon S3 from the +Add dropdown and enter the specified credentials. For Azure, Account Name, Account Key and Share will be needed. For Amazon S3, Access Key ID, Secret Access Key and Bucket will be needed. When creating an export, reference the destination that you have set up. You can select the destination on the Delivery tab. (Step 7 for Exports and Step 4 for Packages)


Data Studio: IP Address filters added for datasets
Filter IP Addresses from aggregate reports

In order to always filter specific IP addresses from reports, such as an internal IP, just go to Settings > Other settings > Internal IPs and define which IPs will be filtered out of all exports. Additionally, the option to select IP Addresses as a filter when creating aggregate reports has been added to the drop-down in Data Studio to specify IPs to exclude from individual reports.

Clear link added to Notifications
Quickly remove all messages in your notifications panel

To prepare for managing more announcements, a Clear link has been added to the notifications panel. Simply click Clear in the top-right of the notifications panel. Additionally, the styling of the notifications panel has been updated.

In-App Banner gets new style
Design changes to bring more focus on banner

In an effort to help customers not miss important announcements, the In-App banner has been updated with a more modern design that improves readability.


Async switch added to the API endpoint
Avoid timeout when updating and searching large lists

When updating and/or obtaining the recID of records in a list of over 1M contacts, an async switch has been added that can be set to a value of N or Y. The async value will default to N so that existing behavior remains unchanged. On setting async to Y, the request will be queued and a job id will be returned to the caller for monitoring.


User Address updated to show only current user
Easily update user address without searching

In order to simplify updating the User Address for a specific account, the full Users list of addresses has been removed to only show the address of the user currently logged in. Subsequently, the label has been changed from "User Addresses" to "My User Address". If the currently logged in user doesn't have an address defined, a prompt allowing the user to define their address will appear. If the currently logged in user has their address defined, they can hover over it and edit or remove the address.

Sender Name & Address (CAN-SPAM) validator updated
Know what info your message is missing and how to fix it

The Sender Name & Address validator in the Message Composer has been updated to confirm that company name/address personalization in a message (ie {{Account.BIZ_ADDRESS}}) is CAN-SPAM compliant. If the personalization is not validated, depending on what is missing, messages will appear in the validation window to inform the user of the issue and how to fix it. These must be resolved before a message can be sent.

If the company name/address personalization cannot be found, the message can still be sent, but a warning will appear informing the user that they may be violating CAN-SPAM.

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