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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for June 5, 2015

Released on June 5th, 2015

New Features

Data Studio
Your data decision engine

The new Act-On Data Studio helps make your marketing and related data more actionable and more accessible. Your marketing activities generate a lot of data: anonymous web visits, searches, social, ad clicks, form views and submits, email sends and responses, CRM sales and customer engagement data. Using Data Studio gives you insight into your performance at the granular and at the high level. Integrate a data workflow with your existing or future BI tools. Get data visualizations: including time of day analysis. Get an extensible library of report templates. Create multi-format data exports with custom queries, custom date range and scheduled exporting. See the Data Studio product page for more details.

Publish Images to Twitter and Facebook
Drive Engagement by Sharing Images using Social Publish

Social marketers can now publish images to Facebook or Twitter. Simply choose any image from the media library when creating a social share and that image will then be uploaded to Facebook or Twitter. Please keep in mind that, due to Facebook and Twitter API limitations, Act-On cannot measure engagement with images uploaded this way.  For this reason, engagement reports for social shares of images are disabled.


Act-On Anywhere folder control
Control which content library folders are visible in Act-On Anywhere

Not all assets are meant for wide spread usage. Some are meant for specific campaigns while others may be old or obsolete. This feature allows you to narrow down what's available in Act-On Anywhere to reduce clutter and increase the efficiency of your team.

This feature allows Act-On admins to specify which emails templates, landing pages, forms, images and media are available to Act-On Anywhere users. Only the folders which are marked in the content listings with a checkmark will be available to users accessing Act-On through Act-On Anywhere.

Please Note: Content library folder visibility in Act-On Anywhere is set to ‘off’ by default. Admins can check folder access via the content library listings to add access as desired.

Add Text Wrap to Image Block Description
Wrap image description text on either the left or right of images

In the new message composer, the text description can be set to wrap around the image in an image block with a single click. You only need to have the description set to the left or right of the image and they will be able to select the text wrap option within the block.

Updated Account List Page
The new Account Lists page has been moved out of Labs and into production

The Account Lists has been given a new look and feel to make it easier to use and navigate. Customers can eventually expect to see all of the pages migrate over to this new design as part of ongoing improvements to the application.

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