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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for June 30, 2020

Released on June 30th, 2020


Bulletproof Button Allows All Types of Personalization

Act-On enhanced the bulletproof button feature in the text editor to support all available personalization types.

Bulletproof Button Supports Preview

The bulletproof button to support previews of URLs, Landing Pages and Forms has been updated.


Automated Program Shows Incorrect Number of Contacts

Act-On resolved an issue which caused some Automated Programs to show an incorrect value for total contacts in the program.

Datastudio "Finish" Button Becomes Unresponsive

Act-On fixed a problem which would cause the DataStudio "Finish" button to be unresponsive in some cases.

Editing Copy of Form Confirmation Email in a Template Causes Original to Change

Act-On fixed an issue which would cause a copy of a Form template to maintain a link to the original version when editing confirmation emails.

Unable to Add Competitors

Act-On fixed an issue which was preventing the addition of Competitors in Inbound > Competitors > Setup.

"Check Spelling" Button in Text Editor Breaks Display of Hyperlinked Text

This problem occurred in the text editor when the "Check Spelling" button was initiated. We have fixed this issue.

"Paste as Text" Button in Text Editor Shows Incorrect Status

Act-On fixed a problem with the "Paste As Text" button which caused it to show the wrong status when selected.

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