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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for June 24, 2016

Released on June 23rd, 2016

Data Studio: Group an export as a single summary row
Customizable rolled up reports for data summaries

Now when grouping a dataset, the option to have the data as One Summary Row is available. Once you have created multiple summary exports (representing different datasets) you may merge them together in a package to create a dashboard of marketing key performance indicators (KPI). A future version of Data Studio will support plugging these summary KPI into an Excel template as illustrated below.

Data Studio: Filter based on relative or absolute date
More date options for better accuracy

To prepare for datasets that may contain many date fields, all date fields can now be filtered based on an absolute (on or before/after [yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm] selected with a date/time picker) or relative (on or before/after [start/end of last week/month/quarter/year OR start of this week/month/quarter/year]. This can currently be viewed for the Last Updated Time filter, but will be applied to all date fields.

Data Studio: Ability to filter on Action Time removed
Less confusion with exporting a time range

The filter for Action Time has been removed due to the fact that exports already have an implicit filter driven by the time period range. This helps eliminate confusion of applying a filter that may conflict with the time period selected for an export.

Duplicate segment structure when copying list
Save time with copying list and segment structures

When copying a list, there’s now the option to copy the structure of the selected list (without records), as well as any query segments, search segments and extension lists that are associated with that list. Direct-select segments will be ignored. One use of this feature may be to QA segments and dynamic content.

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