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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for June 21, 2018

Released on June 21st, 2018


Push to Subscription Management List from New Forms

In the Classic Form Composer it was possible to push Form submissions to the Subscription Management list, allowing users with requirements that weren't supported by the Subscription Management feature set (like localization) more flexibility. New Forms users can now leverage the same functionality by selecting their Subscription Management List when setting up their Form properties in the New Composer.

Act-On New Forms Push to Subscription Management List Screenshot

Option to 'Hide' Submit Button Added to Form Conditions

The Submit Button can now be selected from the 'Then' of the Form Conditions editor in the New Form Composer. This provides users with more options for preventing Form submissions based on the contents of specified form fields. For more information on use cases for this feature, please refer to the University article on the topic.

Resolved Issues

Erase Contact Requests Are Processing 

The Erase Contact tool is now processing requests at an acceptable speed. Any prior requests made using the Erase Contact tool which have not yet been processed will still be processed in the order in which they were received. All recent requests will automatically add that contact to the opt-out list until the erasure is fully processed. Once erasure of a contact is complete, a confirmation email will be sent to the internal address set as a part of the erasure request. New erasure requests will continue to receive both a confirmation of request and a subsequent message indicating that the request was processed and the erasure completed. For more information, please see the complete documentation in the University.

Various Erase Contact Request Tool Bugs Resolved

A number of issues with the Erase Contact request tool have been resolved. Some of the resolved issues include issues with requests with contact emails containing numbers, some specific domains, or special characters. Additionally, in some situations a contact could not be submitted for erasure - this condition has been resolved.

Message Personalization Issue Resolved

An issue that caused emails to be sent without the expected 'From' address in some cases and Automated Program message sends to fail in others. This issue impacted emails that were set up to use the Personalized From address of a Lead or Contact's owner in a connected CRM. The code fix introduced in this Release will resolve the issue without requiring any intervention by Act-On users.

Tabbing Order Fixed for Pages with Multiple Embedded Forms

In this release we addressed customer reports that when multiple Act-On Forms were embedded on a single page the tab key could not be used by visitors to move between fields, because their cursor would move to the next form on the page rather than the next field. The tabbing order now functions as expected and visitors will move through all fields in the selected form before jumping to the next one.

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