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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for June 16, 2020

Released on June 16th, 2020


Support Extensions in Phone Number Links

Act-On now supports extensions in phone number links inserted using the text editor.

Insert Form Link Feature

All text editors now have the Insert Form Link feature.

SEO-Friendly Links

SEO-friendly links are now available in the text editor

Bug Fixes

CRM Segmentation Error

Act-On resolved an issue which caused erroneous data to be displayed in place of a dropdown in the Segmentation Lists area of the product.

Clicking on "Edit" for "Awaiting Approval" Emails Results in Error

Act-On resolved an issue which would cause an error message page to appear in some cases when clicking on an email that was awaiting approval.

Errors on Devices and Client Section of Sent Messages Report

Act-On resolved an issue with displaying the Devices and Client section of the Sent Messages report.

Marketing Network / Managers Tab Errors

Act-On fixed errors that were occurring on the Marketing Network / Managers tab.

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