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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for July 31, 2015

Released on July 31st, 2015


Sales Seat gets a new front page
Quickly access Website Prospector and allow more customization for sales users

Bringing more consistency to the sales seat interface, Act-On has updated the navigational structure of the sales seat to better match the main Act-On platform. Sales users’ front page will now show the Website Prospector and they will have similar options for log out and color scheme under the Profile Menu

This can be turned on by a controlled feature called NewSalesUI. Please contact your CSM to activate this interface for your sales users

View full LinkedIn post in Competitors
Get the full scope of your competitors’ LinkedIn updates

Learn more about your competitors LinkedIn posts with this added feature to the Competitors page (Inbound > Competitors). Once you click the post in Act-On, it will take you  the actual post on LinkedIn, instead of the website of the link in the post. This allows you to get the full picture of how your competitors use headlines and descriptions to attract visitors as well as interactions with the post, including comments, likes and shares.


Branding BETA available in Labs
Simplified workflow for management of branding assets

With the latest version of our Branding menu, Act-on has applied our new slide out menu to better organize the sections in Branding. To activate this feature, go to Settings > Labs and click the checkbox for Branding BETA as seen below.

Once activated, you can access the new Branding menu under Content.


Field length validation for LinkedIn and Twitter
Create the right sized message for LinkedIn and Twitter

Due to the character limitations of LinkedIn and Twitter, to keep your message from getting cut off, you have to make sure it is the correct length. To help you get your message right, Act-On has restricted the content for LinkedIn/Facebook to 256 characters and Twitter to 140 characters under Social Publish.

Unique Opt-Outs label clarifies sent message report
Understand the difference in Opt-Outs and Unique Opt-Outs in your report

Act-On has updated the label inside the Sent Message report to better define them as unique opt-outs as opposed to the total opt-out count that is viewed from the Sent Message list. When viewing your Sent Messages list, there is a column labeled as Out. This is your total number of opt-out clicks for that message.


When viewing your report for that message you may notice that the Unique Opt-Outs are different. A unique opt-out is when a user has removed their email address from your list. For example, a user may open the message multiple times and click opt-out (Total Opt-Outs), but they have only been counted as removing their email once (Unique Opt-Outs).

Additional languages and native forms in Translations
More language diversity for the Act-On platform

To increase the ease of usability for other cultural backgrounds, Act-On has added Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish to the platform’s language translations. In addition, all of the languages available will now appear in their native form. To access these new languages and view the change, click the drop-down under the Profile menu as seen below.

Improved responsive design for iPhone6 & iPhone6+
Get the optimal message view for the latest iPhones

In an effort to increase the visibility of your message on the new iPhones, Act-On has updated the responsive design to span the full screen of the iPhone6 and iPhone6+.

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