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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for January 8, 2020

Released on January 8th, 2020


Rename "Connect" Button to "Update Login" When CRM is Connected but Login is Invalid

The "Connect" button on the Settings > Connectors page will now show as "Update Login" if a CRM is connected, but the username/password combination fails. This will help prompt the user to update their credentials.

"Remove Records From This List That are not Found on This List" Option is on by Default

The "Remove records from this list that are not found on this list" option for CRM syncs is now on by default to prevent Act-On from attempting to sync non-existent contact records.

Confirm Email Column Mapping is Correct When Identifying List Columns

Act-On now checks to make sure that email column mappings are correct in Forms.

Bug Fixes

Gated Content Doesn't Show Up in Microsoft Edge

Fixed an issue in which Gated Content wasn't displaying in Microsoft Edge

Selecting Push and Pull Checkboxes in Import/Export Sync Simultaneously Causes and Application Error

Resolved a problem which resulted in an application error when the Push and Pull checkboxes were both selected for Import/Export sync.

Clear Search Button is Not Visible for Account Groups With Very Long Names

Fixed a UI problem in which the Clear Search button disappeared for ABM searches.

Add Scroll Bars to Account Signatures Box

Fixed a UI problem where scroll bars were not appearing for very long signature blocks.

"Enter Web Page URL" Modal Dialog Dropdown Cuts Off Characters

Fixed a UI problem where URL characters were cut off in a dialog box

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