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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for January 8, 2016

Released on January 8th, 2016

New Features

Enhanced Segmentation Editor is rolling out
Simplify complex marketing lists within an intuitive interface

The segment editor has been updated to provide additional functionality, including more complex and customized segment definitions, all within a simple, clean design. The Enhanced Segmentation Editor will be rolled out in this week's release to select accounts and continue the next 4-6 weeks until it is available in all accounts. An email will be sent before each release to notify accounts that will have the feature added. Please contact your CSM with any questions.

Within the new segment editor you will find: 

Custom Logic
The new layout allows you to create custom criteria rules with boolean logic. In addition to using AND or OR to evaluate all criteria in a segment, custom boolean expressions can now be used as well (i.e. "1 AND (2 OR 3)".

Customized behavior time periods
When adding multiple behavioral criteria in a segment definition, each criteria can now be based on its own time period.

Calendar Date Selection
To save the time it takes to manually enter dates and date ranges, calendar selection is now available when selecting specific dates, such as "11/19/2015”. Also new drop-down options are available when selecting relative date ranges, like "current day" or "1 week ago".


Enter multiple profile criteria at once
To streamline creating segments, multiple values that have similar criteria may be entered for profile conditions. Just simply click the “Add Multiple Values” icon and include each profile value (i.e. multiple zip codes or job titles) on each line.


Updates to Resources widget on Start page 
Quick access to the most helpful Act-On resources

To create more access points for important customer resources, Act-On has added links for Product Updates and Company Events to the Resources widget on the Start page. Product updates contain the forum that includes past product releases and features that were included. Company Events includes all online and in-person events that Act-On will be participating in.

Addresses tab added to Profile
Add, edit and delete Default Account, 
Users, and Other Addresses
All addresses for an account have been moved to an Addresses tab under Profile. Along with moving the addresses, account admins now have the ability to add, edit or remove default account, user, and other addresses within this feature. Individual users will only be able to edit their personal address.

Send alert to CRM Owners in Automated Program
Automatically alert CRM owners with new step option

In automated programs, the Send Alert step now allows an alert to be sent directly to the CRM owner of the lead or contact who reached the step. This option is only available to accounts with the CRM model enabled.

Set Landing Pages row width to 100%
Design Landing Pages that maintain 
fullscreen width
Within the new Landing Page Composer, an option has been added to the row settings to keep the width responsive at 100% of the screen. With this option selected, if there is a background color or image within the section, it will supersede the background of the landing page. 

Landing page width to allow maximum of 2400px
Design landing pages that can span 100% of the screen 
Within the new Landing Page Composer, the max width for the page properties has been increased to 2400px to allow users to expand their content to span a large
screen if needed. This width will scale down at 100% to the first breakpoint before going responsive at 767px.

Google fonts available for Landing Pages
More font options for formatting your landing pages

To supply more web-safe fonts for landing pages, Google Fonts have been added after the standard fonts in the Page Properties.

No default font for button blocks
Ensure you have the wanted font for buttons

To make sure that your buttons don’t default to an unwanted font, the default has now been set to None. When None is selected, the font defined in the Page Properties will be used.

Export lists and segments with column order defined in Act-On
Keep columns consistent when exporting a segment 
In listings and segments, “Choose Display Columns” is used to reorder columns so that the most important data appears first. Now when exporting a list or segment, the file will retain the modified order set. For example, by default lists and segment column start with (Email Address, First Name, Last Name), but it may be more useful to have the columns ordered (Last Name, First Name, Email Address). 

ZoomInfo available for sales users
Control sales users' ability to view ZoomInfo data

Marketing users now have the option to activate and deactivate ZoomInfo data for sales users. When ZoomInfo is activated, the browse contacts option will be available within Website Prospector. To activate, navigate to Settings > Users > Sales Users. 

This feature is only available to the customer with the new Sales Seat UI activated. To take advantage of this of this functionality, please contact your CSM if you have not enabled the new Sales Portal yet.

New API Endpoint: Get Form Fields
Return the fields in a given form and have option to sample data records. 
This new API end point lets you programmatically discover the fields that are in a specific form. This is useful when building services that consume the data double-posted from an Act-On form. It can be used to eliminate human error and wasted time in processes like field name mapping. 

For a given formID, the endpoint GET/api/1/form/{formid}/fields returns the names of the fields that currently included in the specified form. If you edit the fields of that form using the form editor (adding, deleting, renaming fields), then these changes are reflected immediately in the payload returned by this endpoint. 

You can also return sample data records using an optional query string parameter sampledatacount. See the Content API documentation for full details.

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