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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for January 23, 2015

Released on January 23rd, 2015

New Features

Email Fatigue Suppression Rules
Control the amount of email a recipient receives over a time range you specify

You can now define how many marketing emails a recipient should get over specified time periods. It’s simple to set up rules like “no more than 1 marketing email a day, AND no more than 3 emails per week AND no more than 5 emails per month.

Once the rule is setup the suppression will be engaged for marketing emails. Transactional, event emails (webinars), and autoresponders will not be subject to this suppression rule. The sender may choose to ignore this suppression step.

You may also mark a program as “not being subject to email fatigue suppression rules”

If a contact is suppressed because of email fatigue suppression rules, they can be found in the “not sent / suppressed” log in the sent message report. They will be marked as being suppressed because of “Too Many Recent Messages”.  Please contact your CSM to have this feature added to your account.


Recent Colors Added to the Color Picker in the New Composer
Users can easily and quickly find their most used colors

The color picker now features a new enhancement that remembers the most recent colors you have used in building your messages. This functionality is available in all color pickers in the new composer and displays up to 24 total colors.

Additionally, black and white icons have been added next to the transparent icon at the top of the color picker for ease of quickly locating those essential colors.



Website ProspectorBETA Pages Visited
Know what pages people are visiting using the new Website Prospector

Using the new Website Prospector, marketers can know what tracked pages are most visited and what visitors visited each page. This view is accessed using the first drop down on the report and by selecting Pages Visited. Once selected, a bar chart with a list of pages visited will appear. A user can also drill down into who visited each page by clicking on the Visits value. Once clicked, a list of known and anonymous visitors appears in a window with information on their visit recency.


Website ProspectorBETA Public URL
Share the Website Prospector report with people who don’t have an Act-On account.

In the new Website Prospector report, users can now easily share the results of the report with people who don’t have an Act-On account. To do this, users simply have to navigate to More -> Public URL and configure the public report settings.

In the settings window that appears, users can easily password protect the report by checking the box, entering a password and clicking Save. To share the report, users just need to copy the link displayed and share it with whoever wants access to the report. Please note that the password set for the public report is used by both the classic and the new Website Prospector.


Full Personalization Check Re-added into the Message Review in New Composer
Quickly check personalization fields for errors across all recipients of a message

The check full personalization function has been improved and re-added into the Review step within the new composer. This allows users to check for personalization errors that would cause a message to not be sent to one or more contacts. The new check shows which specific fields have errors and how many errors there are for that specific field in addition to an overall count of errors.

Please note: time to process the check is directly proportional to both number of contacts and amount of personalization. The check is optimized to run quickly, but will take longer in instances where it has to do more checking.

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