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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for January 22, 2020

Released on January 31st, 2020


"View Message in Browser" Page No Longer Removes HTTP/HTTPS Prefix From Image Tags

To match our recent change to the Email Composer, the "View Message in Browser" page now maintains the URL prefix that was initially used by the user. Previously, the page would strip out the protocol prefix.

Prevent Deleted Records From Being Pushed to CRMs

Act-On has modified our CRM sync logic to ensure that we are not attempting to sync back to CRMs records which have been deleted. Previously, this was an optional setting; now it is on by default. This will reduce the number of errors generated during CRM syncs.

Bug Fixes

CSS Fails When There Are Multiple Forms on a Page

Act-On resolved an issue that affected landing pages that contained more than one Form. In this case, the CSS settings for one Form would over-ride the settings of other Forms.

Unable to Upload Images to Folder

Act-On resolved an issue that prevented customers from uploading images to folders that had spaces in their names.

Undo Button Does Not Update the Landing Page Correctly

A problem that was preventing the Undo Button from working in the Landing Page editor has been fixed.

Cannot Edit Campaigns

Act-On resolved an issue that occurs if a message was deleted from the Sent Messages list while the send process was in progress.

Cannot Delete Image Library Folders

Act-On resolved an issue where empty folders were left after a delete operation was completed.

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