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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for January 21, 2016

Released on January 21st, 2016

Updated Landing Page Templates listing design
Sort, select and delete Landing Page Templates with ease

In a continued effort to update the look and usability of Act-On’s lists, the Landing Page Templates listing has received the same treatment that has been released for Drafts and Email Templates. The most notable changes include the ability to select and delete multiple landing pages, sort the folders and drag and drop landing pages into their respective folders. In order to have the new listing design, the new Landing Page Composer must be enabled in Labs by the account admin.

Here’s a reminder of the controls within our new listings:

  • Multi-Select list object: Ctrl+click 
  • Delete Multi-Selection: Backspace 
  • Rename/Delete Folder: Double-click 
  • Move object to folder/Sort folders: Hold Click and drag to desired location

Select specific date for Wait Until Time automated step
More flexibility to send messages at a specific day and time

Within the Automated Programs, an option has been added to the Wait Until Time step to select a specific date before the program begins or continues. This may be useful when planning messages that are more than 4 weeks out. As soon as the prescribed time and date is reached, contacts will automatically move to the next step.

Edit Current Header/Footer options removed for Sales Users
Maintain email and brand guidelines for sales emails

In many cases the header and footer hold important information or links that need to be consistent across all business messages. In order to avoid sales users changing this information and links, the option to edit the header and footer of a message sent by sales users has been removed. If it is preferred to have this feature for sales users, please contact the CS Team.


New API Endpoint: Bulk Delete Records
Identify up to 500 records to be removed from a specified list

Cleaning up lists plays a significant part in making sure emails are reaching the right customers and avoiding SPAM complaints. This new API endpoint, @DELETE1/list/{list-id}/record?contactids=id1,id2,id3, allows you to delete up 500 records from a list based on different contact ids. See the List API documentation for full details.


Landing Page Composer: Hide underline for links
Quickly clean up landing page links with new toggle switch

Within the new Landing Page Composer, an advanced option has been added to Page Properties > Styling to remove the underline from all links. Simply click the toggle to switch the underline on and off.

Landing Page Composer: Add margins to columns
Add space around content blocks within column settings

Within the new Landing Page Composer, the option has been added to set the margins around a content block within the column settings. This may be used to expose the inner background color or image that was set in the page properties by shrinking the section within the column.

Landing Page Composer: Add background images to columns
New design option creates consistency for Landing Page column settings

Within the new Landing Page Composer, the option has been added to set the background of a column as an image. Additionally, the image can be set to repeat horizontally and vertically, as well as stretch to fit the column.

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