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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for January 20, 2017

Released on January 20th, 2017


UI Enhancements to CRM Segmentation

Segment contacts easier and faster

This enhancement allows users to first select the CRM object and then the field on the selected object which they want to use as a segmentation criteria. This feature replaces the previous, single drop-down which listed all available CRM object fields as “OBJECT NAME:FIELD NAME” with two drop-downs, one for the object (Lead, Contact, Account, etc.) and another for the Fields.

Email Preview Text Fit and Finish

Character limit removed and character counter added

Due to a wide range of possible characters limits for email preview text, the hard limit placed on the field previously has been removed and replaced with a character counter. This will allow more flexibility as limits changes and put more power in the hands of users to determine what amount of characters works best in their messages across all possible previews.

Automated Programs listed with states indicated by icon color

See a program’s state with just a glance

This enhancement updates the listing of automated programs to change the color of the icon to indicate the state of the program: Draft = Grey; Stopped = Blue; Running = Green.

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