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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for January 16, 2015

Released on January 16th, 2015

New Features

Spacer block added to new composer
Add horizontal rules easily within content in the new composer

The new composer now features a spacer block, which allows users to drop a block into their content to add a horizontal rule across content. Unlike typical horizontal rules, customers have extensive customization options to increase the thickness, horizontal and vertical padding and color of the line.



Beacon Tracker Improvements
Website Visitor Tracker has been renamed to the Beacon Tracker and has other improvements

Previously, users had to navigate to the More menu in the classic Website Prospector to obtain the Visitor Tracking Code, Change the Cookie Mode and Disable/Re-enable Visitor Tracking. This was problematic because these three options were not correctly placed in the application and all of these options could be condensed into one option. In addition, the name Visitor Tracking Code for Website was a lengthy name to remember and pronounce for a feature that is used not only for the Website Prospector but also Landing Pages, Forms, Activity History and more.

The first improvement that was made was to rename the Website Visitor Tracker to the Beacon Tracker and to move it to it’s own location in Settings. So, users can now access the Beacon Tracking Code in Settings -> Other Settings -> Beacon Settings.

The next improvement that was made was to condense all of the steps from the More menu in the classic Website Prospector into one workflow.  Now, users can easily enable or disable the Beacon Tracker, change the cookie mode, and copy the Beacon Tracking code in one workflow.

When the Beacon Tracker is active, the tracking code displays and users only have to click once in the input box to select all of the code. Once all of the code is selected, a user can easily copy the code to their clipboard to share it with their webmaster. Also, when the tracker is active, a Change button displays which allows admin users to change the Cookie Mode of the tracker.



Automated programs can now call external API/URL
Act-On Software has added the ability to call external URLs (APIs, forms, etc) in a Program Step

Customers can now set up a new step to pass information to an external URL. The step can do GET,POST, PUT or DELETES. It can pass  any information in the associated list either as urlencoded form data, or as JSON.


Track automated program entries & exits
Automated Program entry & exit events are now tracked in Activity History

Customers can use these events in all the standard ways - it shows in the Activity History in the new Programs tab, in the All tab, and on the timeline.

Scoring rules can be modified to include entered or exited programs, or entered or exited specific programs.

Lists can be segmented using these new events, again by including entered or exited programs, or entered or exited specific programs.


Add description text to the left and right of an image in the image block
Users can now split a single column in half with text and images

Previously, the image block allowed users to add a caption above or below an image in the image block. In the new composer, this functionality has been replaced with a description feature that allows user to add text on any side of an image and provides full editorial control over the styling and alignment of the text relative to the image.

Additionally, the image and text convert appropriately for responsive design and all older captions will automatically be converted into descriptions in the new composer.

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