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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for February 8, 2018

Released on February 8th, 2018

New Features

Labs Forms: Dynamic Sections

In this release progressive profiling functionality has been added to the Labs Form Composer with the introduction of Dynamic Sections. Fields within this section type are shown to form visitors gradually over time based on the number of empty fields you want shown on each visit and what is already known about that visitor. Dynamic section fields that have been filled, either from the underlying list or by the visitor themselves, are not shown on subsequent visits- but instead replaced with new questions. This practice allows you to collect new pieces of customer data over time within a single form.

Labs Forms: Add Form Domain to Custom Account Settings 

To simplify the process of deploying Labs Forms to an external web page we've provided the option to whitelist your commonly used domain names in Custom Account Settings. Doing so will allow you to use any Labs Form on pages under this domain without adding it to the 'External Pages' list in each individual form. To ensure the security of your visitors' contact data, this setting is intended for use only with those domains from which all form submissions should be accepted.


Labs Forms: Add Views to Form Report and Activity History Report

In the interest of providing better visibility into conversion metrics, 'Views' have been added to the Form Report and Activity History Report for Labs Forms in this release.

Labs Forms: Enable Horizontal Tabbing Across Columns

In response to user feedback we've modified the tabbing order in multi-column Labs Forms. The tab key will now move visitors vertically across columns from left to right before moving to the line below, rather than moving them vertically through a column before advancing to the next one. This change reflects the standard behavior for web forms.

Enable Form Edit from Landing Page via Switch Mode 

You can now edit forms embedded within a Landing Page via Switch Mode in addition to creating new ones. To do so, open the Form Block slideout and select the edit icon in the top left corner of the form preview.

SugarCRM package updated for Sugar version 7.10 

Act-On's installed sales tools package for SugarCRM now supports version 7.10 and is available for download an installation in your SugarCRM environment.

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