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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for February 4, 2016

Released on February 4th, 2016

Enhanced Segment Editor released to all accounts Feb. 11
Get familiar with and prepare for new editor interface

It was announced previously that the new enhanced segmentation editor would be rolled out over the these past few weeks to customers. Act-On is happy to announce that all accounts will be completely migrated to the new segment editor on February 11th. In order to prepare for the migration, check out the Knowledge Base article and feel free to contact your CSM with any questions.

New icons and icon block added to Landing Page Composer
Select from a wide range of icons to add to landing pages

Now available in the new Landing Page Composer, the icon block allows you to include many of Font Awesome’s icons in landing pages. Simply type the name of an icon in the search bar to see if it is available and then select its color using the picker. You may also set the overall size of the icon and adjust the alignment.

Video block added to Landing Page Composer
Easily drag and drop videos into landing pages

Now available in the new Landing Page Composer, the video block allows you to quickly drop a video into a landing page via an embed link to a flash file (ie Youtube/Vimeo). Additionally, there is an option to toggle the autoplay feature of a video and whether the video displays in Desktop or Mobile.

All Google Fonts now available in Landing Page Composer
Use any Google font available with new search feature

The current Google fonts available under the drop-down in the new Landing Page Composer are the fonts that Google considers the most popular options, but now Act-On has made the rest of Google’s fonts available. Just simply start typing the name of the font that you would like to use and the selector will generate the options that match.

Send HTML and Text tests simultaneously
Save a step with new Send Test option

A new option to send both the HTML and Text version of a Test email at the same time has been added to the Email Composer to help save time upon initial review. The options to send a HTML or Text separately still remain for editing each independently.

Please note: The HTML versions are multi-part messages that include the text version. If you are using an email client which is configured to accept messages as "Text Only" the HTML versions will appear as text.  
New API Endpoint: Get List of Automated Programs
Return list of automated programs and their statuses

This new API endpoint, GET/api/1/program, allows you to return the complete list of automated programs running in an account. The list will include the date the program was created/modified, validates when the program was stopped/running and displays whether the program is scheduled. This is useful for obtaining the overall scope of the automated programs. See the List API documentation for full details.

Act-On Anywhere: Insert Forms via iFrame
Flexibility in how forms are displayed

When inserting forms through Act-On Anywhere’s Content Assist function the feature has been added to insert them within an iFrame. Please keep in mind that this functionality will not work within Wordpress due to the fact that Wordpress strips out iFrames by default. To enable with WordPress, modify the WordPress theme settings to allow iFrames.

Personalize address with Other Account Addresses
Other Account Addresses available for personalization field

At times, messages may require including the addresses listed in the Other Account Addresses under Profile. This can now be accomplished using the new string {{^Account.ADDRESS(Account address1)}}, which will be replaced with the matching address when the landing page or email is sent or displayed. The Other Account Addresses options will also be included in the Insert Personalization Field feature.

New standard Form fields for GeoIP data
Connect GeoIP data with user data

In order to collect the most complete information for contacts, GeoIP fields have been added as standard fields tracked for form submissions. For all forms that have GeoIP fields in the list, the GeoIP data will be inserted into the list record.

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