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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for February 13, 2020

Released on February 13th, 2020

New Features

Print Consolidated Contact Report for GPDR/CCPA Requests

Due to the way that lists are siloed, a contact’s data may be found on multiple lists. Serving the right information requests for data subjects in compliance with GDPR and CCPA requires providing all data for the data subject in a readable format. Prior to this change, users needed to print multiple Contact Reports, one for each list the data subject was found in. The new “Print All” feature enables customers to print a version of the Contact Report where all list data for a given email address is presented. The feature is tied to Contact Search so it will only work for accounts with Contact Search enabled as this enables the system to find all the contacts with that email address. The printed report now has one or more Info sections - one for each list.


Form Submission Data is Now Available on the Contact Report Timeline

Clicking on a Form Submission event from the Timeline in Contact and Account reports will find the list associated with the form in question and seek the first matching record for the email address in order to fill the form with more appropriate data from that individual’s form submission.

Webex Webinar: Require Password When Creating a New Webinar Event

WebEx recently made a change to require passwords when creating webinars. Act-On updated the message that is shown in this scenario to clarify that a password is required.

Bug Fixes

Adding a Colon to a Content Title Results in a Truncated Title on the Contact Report Timeline

When viewing the Timeline tab in a Contact Report, any titles for content like landing pages, forms, website names, which included a colon resulted in a truncated title displayed in the timeline as a result of a parsing error. This issue has been resolved.

Form Elements That Don’t Have Labels Are Not Available in the Form Condition Dropdown

ACt-On fixed an issue that occurred when a form field did not have a text or placeholder label, it appeared blank when going to select that field in the form condition side panel. This changes requires customers to add a label at least temporarily so they can see which field they're selecting in the form condition interface.

Only the First Form Condition is Active if There Are Multiple Forms in a Landing Page

If there are multiple Act-On forms that contain conditionals on a single page, only the first conditional will be honored. Any forms that come after will show the entire form, regardless of whether the show/hide condition is met or not.

List Field Mapping Won’t Save if List is Empty

Customers were unable to save field mappings of empty lists. This issue has been resolved.

Email Opt Out Field Not Recognized in Non-English Languages

Customers running a CRM instance that is not in English (default language) were not able to have opt-outs correctly synced between Act-On and Sugar. Act-On fixed this problem.

Clickthrough Destination Appears as "{{Env.Recid}}”

In some cases, the name of a link in a text-based email was shown as “{{Env.Recid}}”. This has been resolved.

Contact Name Overlaps Timeline in Printed Account Report

The Contact name overlapped timeline information in the printed version of the Account Report which resulted in illegible text. This issue has been resolved.

Leads Not Showing Up for 30 Day and 90 Day Filters

In some cases, prospects older than 90 days were not being included in the 30 and 90 day filters due to an incorrect calculation of the number of days based on the lead created date. This issue has been resolved.

Custom Opt-Out Confirmation Page Changes to Not Secure

The link to the Custom Opt-Out Confirmation Page (“Manage Your Preferences”) was being changed from https to HTTP after clicking on "managing your preferences" in the message. This issue has been resolved.

Membership Header Appears Twice in the Printed Version of the Contact Report

The printed version of the Contact Report had two instances of the membership header. Act-On fixed this issue.

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