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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for February 13, 2015

Released on February 13th, 2015


SEO Audit: Keyword Management Enhancements
Search marketers can now more easily add, delete and download keywords

We’ve made a bunch of improvements to help users better manage their keywords. The list is now alphabetized (A -> Z) and we’ve moved the delete button to the far right so that it appears in its own column. This makes it easier for users to scan the list of keywords and to remove or select keywords.

Next, we’ve added the ability for users to upload a bunch of keywords from their computer. Users can upload .txt, .csv, .xlsx, .xls to easily upload a bunch of keywords in one click.  All a user has to do to upload Wis click Browse, choose the file from their desktop, and click Import. When uploading .txt files, each keyword must be placed on its own line. When uploading .csv files, each keyword needs to be separated by a comma. And, when uploading .xls and .xlsx files, each keyword must be in its own cell in column A of the first sheet.

Lastly, we’ve made it easy for users to download the list of keywords in their account in CSV format. All a user has to do to download the list is to click Download CSV and select where to save the file.

To access this window, users just need to open or create a SEO Audit Report and click Edit Keyword.


SugarCRM: Ability to Import Target Lists
Act-On can now import your SugarCRM Target Lists

The Act-On Sugar import dialog has been enhanced to include both Targets and Target Lists.

A special column “Module Type” will be added when you import the list.  It will allow you to tell if a contact in the Target List is a Lead, Contact or Target.   You can use this column to segment your target list.

New Composer: Stock Stationery Added to the Stationery Library
Users can now download and modify new stock stationery in the new composer

The stationery library menu has been modified to show the new stock stationery as a unique set of stationery for users to download and modify with their own HTML. Please note that this is only available for users who have the new composer turned on for their entire account.

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