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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for December 4, 2014

Released on December 4th, 2014

New Navigation Bar

Our top navigation bar has been moved to the left of the screen. Now our side navigation is more modern and intuitive. We have added sprites along with all our menus items. The new navigation bar gives a richer look and enhances the user’s experience by giving them more workspace and allowing them to focus on their activities.

If a user wants they can compress the left navigation bar just to show the navigation sprites by clicking on the arrow below the navigation bar.  

Also the user can hide the navigation bar completely if the user clicks on the    button on top right of the screen. By doing this the user gets complete workspace to himself without any distractions. It is a toggle button, so if you want the menu back you can just click on this button again.



In classic UI version if you have gone from a top level menu to a sub submenu, the application was not able to give you any indication of where you are and you had to remember the location. However, with this new feature users can keep track of their location within the application. e.g. if you went to Inbound > SEO Audit >SEO Audit Web Pages submenu, then you will be indicated about it.


Secondary Expandable Menu

Now all the menus are more organized and simplified to improve ease of use and overall user experience. The more used options are right in front of you and are segregated from less used ones.


New User Menu

New easier to use User Menu navigation improves productivity for new and existing team members.


New Start Page

Customize your new start page for fast, convenient access to what matters most to you.


Restoring Classic UI & Top Navigation

Restoring Classic UI:

If you are used to of the old look and do not want to change to new look, we understand that and for that we have given an option for you to switch to “Restore Classic UI”. You can switch to old classic UI by clicking on “Restore Classic UI” link given on top right of each page as shown in the image below.


Restoring Top Navigation:

Now the default navigation bar is on the left side, however, if you are used to of seeing the navigation menu in top only then you can change that by going to User Settings and then clicking on “Menu on Top” checkbox there. Then you will have the navigation menu on top.


Context Based Search Feature

A new search feature allows users to search based on their context in the application. The little drop down on the left side of the search box changes automatically to a specific list when applicable. e.g. When you go to Contacts > Marketing List, the search box will change to "Search in Marketing List". However if the user wants he/she can change it to “Search All Assets Listings” by clicking on the drop down.

When the user comes back to Start Page, the search box changes to "Search All Asset Listings".



This new UI design is based on a responsive framework.

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