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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for December 3, 2019

Released on December 3rd, 2019

Customer Feature Request

Support for 24 Hour Time in Labs (New) Forms

Act-On has added support for 24 hour time format in Labs (New) Forms. Act-On will be testing this with a few customers before making it globally available.


Support Non-Latin Characters in Domain Names When Uploading Email Lists Manually

Act-On now supports non-Latin characters in domain names when you upload an email list in the following areas of the product:

  1. API Contact upsert (adding a new user to an already existing list, does not trigger for new contacts on a new list)
  2. Form Submissions to a connected CRM (when selected)
  3. Alert Emails (AP notifications, Sales notifications, any other alerts)
  4. Opt-Outs (manual upload, user triggered Opt-Out was recorded)
  5. Hard Bounce (Manual upload)
  6. Allowed contacts with generic email aliases (Manual Upload)
  7. Forward to a friend (user triggered action)
  8. Webinar Panelists

Bug Fixes

Cannot Export From DataStudio to OneDrive

Act-On has resolved an issue where DataStudio exports to OneDrive were failing.

Logo Editor Should Use New Image Editor

A problem has been fixed when editing logos the new image editor was not being used.

Contact Report

Various minor UI fixes to the new Contact Report.

Message Opens Not Being Recorded if a Message is Deleted in Act-On

Previously, Act-On was not recording email opens if the email message was deleted in Act-On. Those events are being recorded now.

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