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Act-On New Features and Upgrades for December 22, 2014

Released on December 22nd, 2014


Website Prospector BETA Improvements
Users can now access features from the classic Website Prospector in the new Website Prospector

Options from the classic Website Prospector have been added to the More menu. Users can now access Domain Filters, Page Names, Customer Names and ISP Names  from the More menu in the new Website Prospector. Each of the options have the same behavior and functionality as the classic Website Prospector options.

In addition, the Update button has been added back to the report. Clicking Update refreshes the report and it also confirms a custom date range entry. If a user selects a standard date range (Today, Yesterday, etc.) , the report is automatically refreshed for that standard date range in one click.

Lastly, Restore Factory Defaults has been renamed to Clear Filters so that it more accurately describes what that option does to the report. Clear Filters simply removes any filters that have been applied to the report which is the same behavior as Restore Factory Defaults which is the former label.

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